This piece that the goddess of temperament loves can be worn alone and superimposed

 This piece that the goddess of temperament loves can be worn alone and superimposed

Making a small V-neck everyday can not only soften the strict white shirt, but also easily create the swan neck. It will not be so rigid and fashionable to go to work or some formal occasions

Cross the front of the shirt directly into the body wrapping shape, tucked into the waist of the pants, and then turn the rigorous white shirt into a French little romantic, especially suitable for the small partner with full chest!

Open the two buttons on the top, pull down one side of the shoulder and turn it into a slant shoulder shape. There is a little sexy in the pure!

Or simply pull into a word collar is more charming, there are good-looking clavicle lines and shoulder neck lines of small partners, so it is particularly good-looking, you can also use accessories to embellish large areas of exposed skin, more personality and modeling sense!

Only a button on the top of the way to wear more bold, can be matched with high waist pants, waist and abdomen exposed area will not be too large, walking with wind!

When choosing a super long or BM style shirt, if you are not tall, it is recommended that the pants should be slim with 9 points and simple design, which can highlight the good taste of the shirt without being too slow!

If it is high, then with a pair of long flared trousers with high waist, the legs are two meters long, and the legs are all in good shape below the chest. At this time, it is necessary to tuck the shirt corners into the trouser waist to reveal the waist line!

3. Be a coat

When going out, a white shirt is used as a coat in a vest or a small sling, which not only easily covers the meat of the arm and waist, but also is particularly natural and casual!

Also, this years popular long shirt will be more fashionable when it is used as a coat. It can definitely play the role of windbreaker. If you like to wear a waistcoat or a skirt, if you wear a long shirt as a small coat, it will be more stylish and sunscreen!

Take a shirt on the outside of the slim short dress to balance the hardness and softness. Its a little sweet for leisure!

Mixed with the suspender skirt, it is more changeable, especially suitable for small partners with fat upper body. It not only promotes the strong points and avoids the disadvantages, but also is sweet and advanced!

4. Tie a knot

Knot method can be said to be a common rule in the shirt, the white shirt in front of a knot, immediately become playful and smart!

Knot method can not only easily reveal the waistline, if you use the method of exposing the neckline, make the originally boring white shirt become more design sense!

Tie the hem of the shirt to create a V-neck, more casual and uninhibited, but also very handsome, to create a different grade!

Tie the shirt and mix it up with French style skirt, which is not lack of exquisite laziness and formal formality, but also shows high-level elegance!

Or even if you dont tie a button at all, youll be more sexy if you tie a knot directly, which highlights the golden collocation rule of short top and long bottom, and perfectly deduces the lazy French style in casual style!

This article was originally written by kaileen Miss Wang. It is strictly prohibited to reprint it.