Get up every day, the first sentence this hair tie or not?

 Get up every day, the first sentence this hair tie or not?

Wear your hair or tie your hair

So much knowledge

Photo source: Weibo @ Zhao Liying

A careful baby will find that many actresses hairstyles are very fixed. For example, Naza loves to tie her hair, and Yingbao has recently adopted a long shawl style.

Look at the face shape

First of all, we need to know that face shape plays a decisive role in choosing whether to wear hair or tie hair


Short face, smooth face - tie hair

Naza 360 degree no dead angle Yan, control everything style is just a word - beauty!!! Just look at Nazas face, is the standard three court five eyes, and facial lines smooth to grade. Therefore, such a perfect face shape, do not block ah!!

Although her hair is weak, it is easy for her to weaken.

As a result, 80% of Nazas usual styling is mainly to tie hair. When practicing dancing, tie up your hair at will. Its so beautiful that you cant help watching it more than once!!!

Xi Mengyao

Long face, sharp edges and corners

Photo source: Weibo @ Ming Xi Mengyao

Photo source: Weibo @ Ming Xi Mengyao

Xi Mengyao belongs to a kind of long rhomboid face with a strong sense of skeleton, which is a typical advanced face. When I tie up my hair, I cant help but Im a supermodel! Its going to look a little fierce if youre going to be someone else.

Photo source: Weibo @ Ming Xi Mengyao

Look at the five senses

If your face is in the middle range of everything is OK, we can also change our thinking to decide whether to wear hair or tie hair, that is to look at the facial features!

Zhang Yuqi

Thick face -- hair binding

Photo source: Weibo @ Zhang Yuqi

Qiqizi, who recently became a star in the movie sister of the wind and waves, is another crucial factor besides the contrast between her silly, white and sweet personality!

Photo source: Weibo @ Zhang Yuqi

Photo source: Weibo @ Zhang Yuqi

Zhang Yuqis facial features are exquisite to make people impeccable. She is a gorgeous beauty. As a result, the shape of the hair will appear a little bit hard. Tie up the hair, a lot of youthful vitality, but also can highlight the advantages of Xiaoyus facial features!

Ni Ni

Light complexion - hair

Photo source: Weibo @ Ni Ni V

Photo source: Weibo @ Ni Ni V

Photo source: Weibo @ Ni Ni V

Whether you wear your hair or tie it up

The best way to catch the eye is to play with a pattern

Pictures from the Internet

Pictures from the Internet

Photo source: microblog @ Yang Zi

Yang Zis hair style is very changeable, which is suitable for girls with lovely personality to learn from. The high ponytail braid like the one above can be tied into a silk scarf like her. Its both creative and even more delicate

Meatball head is definitely one of fairies favorite hairstyles in summer. It is not only fresh but also shows beautiful swan neck. The head of the meatball looks simple. If you want to comb it well, you need to be careful

Picture source network

First of all, fluffy hair is the most important key point to create a ball head, you can use a curling stick to roll the hair out of small curls.

Picture source network

Secondly, fix the ponytail with a rubber band, and then fix the hair with another rubber band. Then pull the hair loose. Finally, leave a little bit of broken hair and curl up the natural radian with a straight clip!

There are many patterns of hair covering

Photo source: Weibo @ Qiao Xin Bridgette

Girls dont have the same black long straight in their hair. Although black long straight is very immortal, its really not new!

Zhao Lu Sis hair must be well praised, not only the amount of hair moving, texture also looks very good. This shape, is sweet to foul!!! Small grab clip or something, please use it quickly!

Photo source: Weibo @ Yu Shuxin Esther

Photo source: microblog @ Shen Mengchen

Small shark clip

Colored hair band

So, whats the best hairstyle for you? Please leave a message and let us know

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