The shoulder pads that women are wearing look like mens sweaters

 The shoulder pads that women are wearing look like mens sweaters

In the past, we used to say that the elements or design applied to the electric room were basically used in heavy coats, such as leather windbreaker, coat, woollen, windbreaker, coat, or suit. Only in this way, can shoulder pads be used. However, the shoulder pads have a very important advantage, that is, they can set off the shoulder parts, and shoulder pads are an important aid in shaping shoulder modeling Materials, so that the shoulder level state, now more and more clothes in the summer design to use the shoulder pad component.

Many people have said that this type of clothing is more suitable for very thin people to wear. Of course, it is true that what thin people wear is really very beautiful, but what we are going to say here is that the shoulder pad vest needle is more friendly for those with the body shape? In addition to being thin, there are two other characteristics.

Of course, Yu Kewei is also very fond of wearing shoulder pads recently. This type of shoulder padded vest with jeans of the same color looks very uniform in color. In addition, she also has a very casual feeling when going to the airport. The romantic atmosphere brought by blue and the loose vest itself complement each other. It is both sassy and beautiful, which is very suitable for her.

2. The trapezius muscle is obvious

People with obvious trapezius muscles are also suitable for wearing shoulder pads, especially for those with developed trapezius muscles, but their necks are not very thick. For people with strong drop, they are easy to get fat, and it is not easy to show obvious shoulder lines. In other words, there is no right angle shoulder that everyone envies. At this time, shoulder pads come into use. Here we use Li Chun as an example.

Li Chun also likes to use shoulder pads in his private clothes recently. Whats more, his style is very neutral. A small hat with the same color and blue high waist and wide leg pants can make people feel cool and handsome. It has to be said that the nickname of this style is really eye-catching, and the shoulder padded vest is a good decoration for his trapezius muscle Her shoulders became more linear.

In addition, in fact, shoulder pads can also be used in many of our collocations. Its not necessary to say that you can only wear them if you are thin or have some defects. In fact, as long as you match them well, you can wear all kinds of fashionable flu. Lets take a few female stars daily wear as an example to see how the female stars match shoulder pads.

Reference for collocation of shoulder pads vest for female stars

When wearing shoulder pads, Cai Yilins style is very similar to that of Li Chun and Yu Kewei. However, shoulder pads would have strengthened the lines and proportions of shoulders, so it would be more advantageous to tie up your hair than to wear your hair, and it would not appear too bloated and cumbersome. A simple white shoulder padded vest is a good choice. You can walk out of the street with a pair of high waisted sports pants.

Sun Yi in the previous group of collocation used brown gauze texture shoulder vest, and built a small black sling. The overall style is very strong, and there is a simple sense of fashion week. Brown and black are very classic, and have a natural and heartfelt feeling. Shoulder pads can be comfortable without choosing too spiritual or loose type.

Angelababys recent private wear has also tried shoulder pads, but it has an irregular trouser skirt underneath. The top short jacket and the lower half of the high waist pants skirt form a sharp contrast, small waist full show, and a small red bag can focus on the overall black and white color matching highlights in the bag part of the collocation, a pair of lovely and exquisite Martin boots, immediately let the body condition lengthen. This shoulder padded vest not only has the street style, but also has a trace of feminine atmosphere.

Li Xiruis shoulder padded vest uses white and pink collocation, and when matching, she pays more attention to the background effect of white shoulder pad vest. Blindly wearing a white vest, whether it feels too masculine, might as well match some bright jewelry or jewelry!