32 mentions trump Biden in full fire: he has always been a toxic presence

 32 mentions trump Biden in full fire: he has always been a toxic presence

Bidens speech in Pittsburgh on the 31st local time

According to the Washington Post reported on the 31st, Biden delivered a speech in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, condemning the escalating street violence in several cities in the United States. I want to make it very clear that rioting is not a protest, robbery is not a protest, arson is not a protest, he said. Obviously, this is lawlessness and those who do so should be prosecuted.

Then Biden pointed the finger at trump. Donald Trump said he wanted to ask a question: who makes you feel safer when youre President? Let me answer that question, Biden said. when I was vice president, the countrys violent crime rate fell by 15 percent. We did it without chaos and disorder.

Biden stressed that the nationwide homicide rate in the United States has increased by 26% this year, and then he asked, do you really feel safer under Donald Trump? If I were president today, the country would be safer, he continued. We will see less violence. Under President Trumps leadership, even the U.S. military does not feel safe, Biden added

According to CNN, Biden repeatedly attacked trump in his speech, accusing trump of inciting violence in order to escape the responsibility of bringing the United States into the economic crisis in the new epidemic. Not only that, Biden also condemned trump for conniving his armed supporters into violent conflicts with his protestors, and refused to call on supporters to stop the violence, which shows how weak he is..

CNN said that in his speech, Biden also called trump a toxic existence. he said: for four years, Donald Trump has been a toxic existence in our country. Can we get rid of this toxin? Or will we make it a permanent part of the character of our country?

For Bidens speech, the Washington Post said that compared with the Democratic conference speech nearly two weeks ago, Biden in this speech appeared obvious change. He never named trump directly in his speech at the Democratic convention, the newspaper said. But in his speech on Monday, he mentioned Trumps name 32 times.

Less than three months after the U.S. presidential election in 2020, the anti racial discrimination riots in the United States are intensifying. On August 23, Jacob Blake, a black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was shot seven times in the back by police without any weapons. Protests broke out in Wisconsin and other places. Scuffles broke out on the streets of downtown Portland, Oregon, on the evening of 29th local time: a convoy supporting trump clashed with a group of protestors who supported black life is life as it entered the city. There were also shootings during the conflict, with one person shot dead in the chest.

On the 30th, U.S. President trump sent four tweets to denounce the protest that broke out the night before in Portland, and pointed the finger at Ted Wheeler, a Democrat and mayor of Portland. He called him a fool and tried to get together with anarchists. Portland needed law and order.

Previously reported:

As the US presidential election is approaching in November, the conflicts between supporters of US President trump and those of Trumps rival Biden have become increasingly heated.

Just yesterday, the two hostile camps sparked two attacks on the other camp on the US social networking site Twitter: one called trump terrorism and the other called Biden uprising.

How did these two topics come about like children quarrelling?

As you all know, there was another serious police abuse of black people in the United States last week: a video shows that in Wisconsin, a police officer fired seven shots at an unarmed black man, seriously injuring the black man for life.

The incident immediately led to a new round of anti racist demonstrations in the United States. Even some NBA teams joined in and expressed their strong dissatisfaction with American racism through strike.

(the picture shows the guardians report on the strike protest of some NBA teams)

However, not all Americans support this anti racist protest. In the view of many right-wing conservatives who support trump, it is not racism that the police shoot at a black man, but that black man breaks the law first. They also believe that the anti racist march on the streets of the United States is a kind of riot that disturbs social order and even subverts the United States.

(the picture shows the 17-year-old supporting trump shooting and killing.)

In another demonstration in Portland, the United States, a group of Pro trump right-wing activists were shot dead after clashes with anti-trump protestors.

(screenshot from the New York Times report)

Among them, under the topic label of trump terrorism initiated by Biden supporters, a large number of people who hate trump have said that whoever votes for trump in the election is supporting these right-wing terrorists who shoot and kill:

Under the topic of Biden uprising, a large number of trump supporters, as well as Trumps son, are wildly hyping the pictures of the protestors beating, smashing, looting and burning in the anti racist demonstrations in the United States, and threatening that if people vote for Biden, this kind of riot will become the new normal in the United States.

(the picture shows Trumps son, little trump, trying to hype the Biden uprising topic)

(the picture shows Trumps Republican congressmen hyping the Biden uprising topic)

(picture shows other trump supporters hyping the Biden uprising topic)

The next president of the United States, is it not between a terrorist and a insurgency .uff1f (source: overseas network)

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }Its very sudden that trump and Biden attack each other! Trumps staunch supporters have been shot dead, and a bigger storm is coming. The Biden team bought the domain name keep America great to criticize trump. Source: responsible editor of global network: Tao Ying_ NB5793