After wearing the air permeable combat shirt of the Taiwan army, it should be washed and handed in for other soldiers to wear

 After wearing the air permeable combat shirt of the Taiwan army, it should be washed and handed in for other soldiers to wear

According to the report, the material for this kind of air permeable combat is divided into two parts: the trunk is made of elastic breathable fabric, which can breathe and absorb sweat, while the arm part is made of wear-resistant cloth to prevent skin damage due to friction during work. However, soon after changing clothes, there was a problem of insufficient quantity. Each soldier only got one piece. It was not easy to change clothes and could not wear them every day.

Whats more strange is that according to the use and management method of breathable combat shirts issued by the Taiwan army logistics unit, these breathable shirts are not directly given to grass-roots soldiers, but belong to disaster relief clothing. They are provided to officers and soldiers before the disaster relief mission, and they have to be recovered and returned to the warehouse after the mission. This makes many Taiwan military experts feel ridiculous.

Some experts said that it was ridiculous to regard combat shirts as disaster relief equipment. Each supply sub depot is a logistics support headquarters subordinate to various regions. To get the controlled regiment uniform (like this set of breathable combat shirt) with them, we must go through the official document procedure. That is to say, if the army wants to deal with the storm disaster or the rain disaster in the future, they must receive the forecast first, then make up the personnel, and then measure the size, so that they can send out documents and get equipment. Can you respond quickly and have time for disaster relief if you come and go like this?

In addition, some people question why the breathable combat shirt can only be used in disaster relief, so it should be called breathable disaster relief shirt. Why can it only be used by officers and soldiers who actually carry out troops preset and disaster relief tasks? Is it difficult that officers and soldiers do not need breathable combat uniforms to assist in heat dissipation during weight-bearing training or exercises, so as to avoid thermal injury?

In addition, Taiwan experts say that Taiwan has bought so many new equipment in recent years. As a result, only 850 New Taiwan dollars (about 198 yuan) of breathable combat shirt is still willing to be distributed to disaster relief personnel, and it has to be washed and returned when it is used up. How can we be so poor?

On the issue of funds, some veterans found that the breathable combat shirt belongs to consumptive clothing from the official documents of the Taiwan army. However, they doubt that it is consumptive. Why should it be recycled? Moreover, the total budget of clothing recorded in the official document is NT $900 million (about RMB 200 million). This year, the budget for purchasing light breathable combat shirts also has NT $10 million (about 233 yuan), which requires the Taiwan army to explain the reason for recycling.

Moreover, the reserve officers of the Taiwan Army criticized that the Taiwan army should do a good job in logistics, and do not make fun of the international community. Otherwise, even the close fitting clothes such as breathable combat shirts should be recycled to the soldiers who will use them next time. Do the officers sitting in the Office have some eccentricities and just like the taste?

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