Jiangxi Mobile won the extraordinary Marketing Award, growingio CDP helps digital transformation

 Jiangxi Mobile won the extraordinary Marketing Award, growingio CDP helps digital transformation

1. Build a data integration and governance system, and get through the foundation of business context

In addition, growingio helps Jiangxi Mobile to build a data governance system combining the overall strategic objectives and user journey through the original OSM + ujm model, realizing the scientific segmentation of users and the whole life cycle management, so as to make the whole data governance system more accurate, more perfect and more systematic.

2. Establish data monitoring, analysis and visualization system, and reconstruct enterprise data driven process

At present, telecom operators are trying to improve the proportion of online channel services handled by users. For example, Jiangxi Mobile has launched broadband reservation and preferential purchase of traffic package on the platform of Wo Wo Wo Xin. Before the deployment of growingio, due to the lack of effective behavior data support, the problems in function design and user experience could not be found and solved in time.

3. Build a member operation system based on the label and portrait system to improve the revenue of electronic channels

At present, operators have accumulated a large number of users, so it is very important to operate users. Growingio helps Jiangxi Mobile. Based on RFV model, it divides users into groups, establishes a systematic label and portrait system, formulates personalized operation strategies for different user groups, monitors data feedback in real time, and adjusts and optimizes them in time. Through the data to form a closed-loop operation, and gradually improve the operation conversion rate.

This extraordinary Award aims to explore leading enterprises and emerging forces in the field of Martech, and promote the process of digital transformation of marketing technology in terms of enterprise content creativity, sales transformation, user operation, etc.

The Judging Committee of the event is composed of industry, technology, enterprises, brands, well-known investors, well-known scholars and Media Alliance in the field of Martech. It comprehensively considers the case influence, product innovation, technology foresight and customer recognition to ensure that the winning cases are representative and leading. Among them, Jiangxi Mobile and McDonalds, Pepsi, Master Kang and other enterprises on the same list, a total of this honor.

Based on this, growingio recently launched a new CDP product, and has the honor to work with the pioneers of digital transformation represented by Jiangxi Mobile to deeply explore the data value, greatly improve the capability boundary of data application, and build a complete growth solution.