Love Li Jiacheng for 27 years

 Love Li Jiacheng for 27 years

Zhou Kaixuan rarely shows up to go shopping with his friends

Netease Entertainment reported on September 1, according to Hong Kong media, Zhou Kaixuan, a 10 billion rich woman who has been in love with Li Jiacheng for 27 years, rarely appeared and went out shopping with her friends in a low-key way. On that day, Zhou Kaixuan wore an ordinary T-shirt, trousers and sports shoes, as well as a black mask. She was dressed in a low-key and simple way. She could not be seen as a rich woman worth 10 billion yuan.

The bodyguard guards beside Zhou Kaixuan

While waiting for his friend in the mall, Zhou Kaixuan hides behind the pillar, and two bodyguards are closely guarding him.

Zhou Kaixuan shopping

After that, Zhou Kaixuan, escorted by his bodyguards, entered the shops of Italian noble brands. It is reported that a common sweater of this brand costs more than 10000 yuan, but there is never a conspicuous logo on the clothes, so it is known as the most low-key luxury brand in the fashion industry. It seems that he is very satisfied with the products of this company. Zhou Kaixuan carries the newly bought bag on his back after buying it. He is very anxious.

After shopping, the bodyguard escorts Zhou Kaixuan home with two big bags of booty. The two bodyguards are very responsible for guarding the whole shopping process.

Zhou Kaixuan and Li Jiacheng

It is reported that since Li Ka Shing and Zhou Kaixuans century one drag in Rome were exposed in 2006, Zhou Kaixuans status has been fully affirmed by people inside and outside the industry. In 2018, after Li Jiacheng retired, Zhou Kaixuan became his exclusive spokesperson. He talked freely about Li Ka Shings post retirement trend, just like a hostess.

But what will happen when Zhou Kaixuan, who is a strong woman in foreign affairs, is asked that his opinions are inconsistent with Li Ka Shing? She said that Mr. Lis opinion was more important. It can be seen that Zhou Kaixuan still turned into a little woman from time to time in front of Li Jiacheng. He was an intern DJ at the same time with Lin Shanshan, but now he has become a rich woman worth 10 billion yuan. After becoming Li Jiachengs partner, Zhou Kaixuan is much more restrained.

After the funeral of the king of gamblers, he chaoqiong shows up for a dinner with Li Jiachengs girlfriend. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Zhang longer_ NBJS11351