Xi Jinping will encourage youngsters if he does not ask for easy things and does not take refuge in things.

 Xi Jinping will encourage youngsters if he does not ask for easy things and does not take refuge in things.

Concentrate on nothing in school

In April 2016, Xi Jinping came to the University of Science and Technology of China library to study with his classmates and talked happily. He urged everyone to have intentnesses in the school, to learn the arts and culture, to serve the motherland and the people, and to serve the Chinese nation. Students, study hard

In Xi Jinpings view, young people are in the golden age of learning. We should take learning as a primary task as a responsibility, a spiritual pursuit and a way of life. In 2018, at Peking University, he warned that learning must seek truth and knowledge, seek truth, understand truth and reason, and can not be satisfied with fragmented information and fast-food knowledge. In 2017, at China University of political science and law, he warned students, we should overcome impetuosity, calm down, read more classics, and know more about why..

Xi Jinping cannot do without the fact that young people cannot do without learning. Talking about social practice, he said that the greatest fear of being a man and doing things is to say nothing and not to do it, and to be high minded and low handed. What we have learned should not stay in books or just in the head, but should be implemented in action. We should integrate knowledge with practice, promote action with knowledge, and seek knowledge by doing. Talking about strengthening physique, he advised young people not to stay up late with his working experience at the grass-roots level, and told his classmates that the body is the capital of all struggle and success in life.

The button of life should be buttoned from the beginning

Xi Jinping said, right and wrong, the direction is clear, the road is right, and peoples toil can bear fruit. He encouraged young people to dare to be pioneers, not to be passers-by and spectators, to be determined to do great things, not to be big officials, and to encourage everyone to make contributions to the grassroots and the people, so that the flowers of youth can bloom in the places most needed by the motherland.

Those who will not seek change will succeed; those who do not seek refuge will enter. In July of this year, Xi Jinping wrote to graduates from China University of Petroleum (Beijing) Karamay campus to confirm their choice of work at the grass-roots level in the border areas. He once deeply shared his life experience: now, youth is used for struggle; in the future, youth is used for memory.

As for the doubts and hesitation that teenagers may experience, Xi Jinping told his classmates that these are normal life experiences. We must establish correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, master this general key, and then take a look at social phenomena and life experiences, very clear sighted and clear and clear. We can make correct judgments and make correct choices.

Always think of the country, think of the people everywhere

Are you Chinese? Do you love China? Would you like China In January 2019, when Xi Jinping visited Nankai University, he especially mentioned Zhang Bolings patriotic three questions. He stressed that this is a question of history, of the times and of the future. We are going to do it well.

He also told the students to closely connect their ideals with the future of the motherland and their own lives with the fate of the nation, take root in the people and contribute to the country, always think about the country and think about the people everywhere, so as to love the people who are good for the country and evil for the country. .

As Xi Jinping said, the one who gains the most can be small. Only when the ideal of life is integrated into the cause of the country and the nation, can we finally achieve something. .