Apple or MacBook using self-developed silicon chip IMAC will carry its own GPU

 Apple or MacBook using self-developed silicon chip IMAC will carry its own GPU

The new MacBook will have a usbtype-c interface, weigh less than 1 kg and have a battery life of 15 to 20 hours, the source said. By comparison, the current MacBook Air weighs 1.29 kg and the 13 inch MacBook Pro weighs 1.4 kg.

TSMCs 5nm process is also said to be used to produce Apples upcoming internal GPU. The details are not clear, but sources say the work is progressing smoothly. Its not clear if all Apple silicon Macs will carry the apple GPU, but the revised IMAC released in the second half of 2021 will adopt it.

The current 27 inch IMAC based on Intel processors was updated in August 2020. However, the 12 inch MacBook in 2017 was discontinued in July 2019, leaving only the MacBook Air as an entry-level laptop. Although the MacBook is popular with many people, it has a butterfly keyboard.

Apple eventually replaced the butterfly keyboard with the improved scissors keyboard, which is called magic keyboard. Although the new keyboard is now available on all macbook pro and MacBook Air models shipped by apple, the company has not officially said it will stop producing butterfly keyboard models.

It is not clear whether the expected Apple silicon MacBook will have a butterfly keyboard, the source said. However, the weight reduction means its design is thin, which at least means it may use a thinner butterfly keyboard. (small)

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