Was Apple removed from the supply chain list? Ou Fei Guangs emergency response: verification of information

 Was Apple removed from the supply chain list? Ou Fei Guangs emergency response: verification of information

In this regard, Xiao Yansong, director of ofight, told the reporter of the daily economic news: we are having a meeting to discuss this matter internally. According to the securities times u00b7 e company news, the relevant personnel of ofight told reporters that up to now, the company has not received any notice of Apples removal of the supplier list, and the company is verifying the relevant information.

It is understood that previously, Apples low-cost iPad was supplied with touch module by ofI light, GIS and TPK.

On July 20, the US Ministry of Commerce listed 11 Chinese entities in the export control entity list, including Nanchang Oufei Optical Technology Co., Ltd.

On July 28, a spokesman for Chinas Ministry of Commerce said that we have noted that the US Department of Commerce has included 11 Chinese entities in the entity list for export control, which China firmly opposes. The United States has used economy and trade as a tool of political repression. It has repeatedly abused export control and other measures and used national forces to crack down on enterprises in other countries, which has seriously damaged the international economic and trade order and seriously threatened the security of the global industrial chain supply chain. This is not good for China, the United States and the whole world. China urges the US side to immediately stop its wrong practice and will take all necessary measures to resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises.

According to previous media reports, ofight has been part of Apples supply chain since 2017, first the iPad and then the iPhone. Ofight currently provides front-end camera module and dual camera module for Apples upcoming iPhone 12 series products. In December 2017, Apple CEO Tim Cook visited the ofight factory.

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