48 year old Mu Wanqing Zhao Xueer, thin and gaunt

 48 year old Mu Wanqing Zhao Xueer, thin and gaunt

Zhao Xueer

Netease Entertainment reported on September 1 that Hong Kong actress Zhao Xueer posted two recent photos on social media. In the picture, she was dressed in a short skirt and long boots, but she was slightly emaciated and her face was a little gaunt. She also make complaints about her slim figure, and say that she will eat more rice.

It is reported that Zhao Xueer, 48, is an actor and singer and has played many roles that impress the audience. In 1990, he joined TVB and became more famous for hosting entertainment news eye, city leisure and womens new appearance. In 1995, the first big disc every two seconds was released, which won the golden record sales. In 1996, he took over a number of film and television works, and since then has set foot in the field of film and television. In 1997, she played the role of Mu Wanqing in Tianlong Babu. In 2001, he won high praise for playing the role of little milk Lin yuliu in everyone is happy. In 2012, he won the 2012 Chinese Golden Melody Award for Trinity.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Zhang longer_ NBJS11351