Station B continues breaking circle experiment: homemade rap variety show vs. iqiyi

 Station B continues breaking circle experiment: homemade rap variety show vs. iqiyi

In the past, station B focused more on the content ecological investment layout in animation and game fields. Investing in happy media is the first strategic investment of station B for the film and television industry.

Huanxi media co founded by Dong Ping, Ning Hao, Xu Zheng and Xiang Shaokun, was listed in Hong Kong in 2015. The shareholders include Ning Hao, Xu Zheng, Chen Kexin, Wang Jiawei, Zhang Yibai, Gu Changwei, Zhang Yimou, Jia Zhangke and many other well-known directors. His main investment works include later we, I am not the God of medicine and crazy alien.

The sky of the wind dog boy will be the first series jointly broadcast by both sides. The play is Zhang Yibais return to the drama series after 20 years of carry on love to the end. It focuses on the growing time of a group of young people in the new era stumbling and running in the new era during the millennium. It is starred by Peng Yuchang, Zhang Jingyi and Liang Jingkang. Another blockbuster work is Chen Kexins film winning the championship (formerly known as China Womens volleyball team), which is scheduled to be shown on the mainlands cinema line in the National Day this year. It is expected that after the off-line screening, it will be broadcast simultaneously with station B on the happy premiere platform.

In addition, station Bs wholly-owned subsidiary also signed a five-year business cooperation agreement with joy media. In the future, the two sides will seek more cooperation opportunities in the fields of film and TV series, and carry out derivative development around the film and television IP of joy media.

In addition to investing in happy media, the recently well-known rap new generation is the first SS Level homemade variety show in station B. Yan Min, the main creator of the extreme challenge series, serves as the chief director. In the case of Chinas new rap and rap listen to me and other similar variety shows, the score of Douban in the new generation of rap, which proposed everything can be said and sung, is as high as 8.7 points. This year, station B also broadcast the starlight red carpet and Youth Film Festival of the 14th first youth film exhibition in the capacity of grand ceremony live broadcast strategic cooperation platform.

Station B started to set foot in self-made content around 2016. In that year, it launched a self-made quadratic variety show story man, and then continuously invested in animation, documentary, variety show and other fields. In the whole year of 2019, station B has launched a total of 40 animations, as well as the documentary life string 2 and the cultural documentary however, there are books. The latter was selected into the shortlist of the documentary unit of the Magnolia Award of the 26th Shanghai TV Festival, and launched the first self-made pet reality show pet hospital, and the observation type reality show guarding liberation West.

In terms of copyright, the routes of station B and watermelon video are similar, and both prefer to buy the copyright of some classic works. For example, in the new films released in station B this year, there are such classic old films as the police story, crouching tiger, hidden dragon, God of gambler, Kung Fu and mission impossible series.

This year, the action of station B in film and television is more intensive, which is still driven by the ambition of breaking the circle.

For station B, which has been established for ten years, on the basis of interest community, more kinds of film and television comprehensive content can undoubtedly further stimulate the growth of users. For example, most of the films purchased by station B are exclusive to members, and self-made content can also help station B accumulate its own IP.

A person in charge of a content company once told interface entertainment that there are more than a dozen companies that can stably produce TV dramas. If the medium and short video platforms enter the Bureau, they are bound to take a share from the long video platforms. The producers on the supply side are still us. The advantage of multi platform entry is that the audience is more subdivided. We can provide good content for consumers of different platforms, so that the content will be richer and our life will be better.

From the rap new generation try to see, B station self-made content more or play the card of differentiation. However, it remains to be seen whether this kind of differentiation can break the circle as expected by station B in the field of more public oriented variety shows.

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