Hong Kong general inspection officially begins today, and Mrs. Lam will lead a team to undergo testing

 Hong Kong general inspection officially begins today, and Mrs. Lam will lead a team to undergo testing

The picture shows Zhang Jianzong and others inspecting the community testing center on March 31

Overseas network, September 1 (Xinhua) to curb the epidemic, the Hong Kong SAR government officially launched the universal community testing program on September 1. The chief executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, will lead the Secretary General and members of the Executive Council to receive tests in batches at the testing center of the SAR government headquarters.

As of 6:00 p.m. on August 31, a total of 553000 Hong Kong citizens had successfully registered for appointment for testing. Of the 141 community testing centers, 97 of them were full on September 1, Hong Kongs Wen Wei Po reported. Among them, 8 testing centers in Sham Shui Po District and 6 testing centers in Kowloon City were all full on 1 day. There are 11 detection centers in Eastern District, 8 of which are full; 12 detection centers in Guantang District, 10 are full; 12 detection centers in Shatin District, 8 are full. The Hong Kong general inspection scheme is tentatively scheduled for seven days, and 14 community testing centers will be fully filled in the next seven days.

The Chief Secretary for administration, Mr Matthew Cheung Kin Chung, the Secretary for the civil service, Mr Nie Tak Kuen and the Secretary for food and health, Mr Chan Zhaoshi, visited the community testing centre in the town hall on August 31 to learn about the staffing, design and operation of the site, including the registration office, waiting area and sample collection area. Mr Cheung also visited the command centre set up at the headquarters of the SAR government.

Zhang Jianzong introduced that the command center has a special line to handle the inquiries of the person in charge of the test center immediately, coordinate personnel scheduling and material supply, and closely monitor the operation of the testing center and assist in formulating relevant contingency plans. At present, more than 6000 medical staff have signed up to participate in the scheme, and about 4000 SAR government personnel from 75 policy bureaux and departments are on duty in the community testing centers in various districts to take charge of administrative support and center management.

On August 31, Zhang Jianzong criticized the opposition for continuously spreading false information, intending to discredit the detection plan and mislead the public, and even incited the public to boycott (boycott) the plan. Zhang Jianzong criticized this behavior on August 31, saying that such behavior ignored the health of the general public and failed to live up to the efforts of the front-line personnel in fighting the epidemic, which should be condemned by the society. Mr Cheung stressed that the public should be careful to identify the authenticity of the information on the testing scheme, to recognize the objective facts, and not to mislead rumors to encourage this unhealthy trend. In case of doubt, the information released by the SAR government should prevail.