Should Xinjiangs Hong Kong policy not conform to EU values? Wang Yis response

 Should Xinjiangs Hong Kong policy not conform to EU values? Wang Yis response

De montbriar, President of the French Institute of International Relations: Thank state councilor Wang Yi and foreign minister for his wonderful speech just now, which has made us have a more comprehensive and clear understanding of Chinas current situation and Chinas foreign policy. Let me start with a question. The United States refuses to accept that it may lose its dominant position in the world. No matter what the outcome of the US election, it seems that this mentality will not change. How do you think that the new cold war, the EU and China can all support multilateralism?

Wang Yi: Chinas view is very clear, that is, all countries are equal members of the international community and have the right to their own development. We congratulate the United States on its first development. At the same time, China also has the right to development and the Chinese people have the right to live a happy life. Other emerging economies and their brothers and sisters in developing countries, including Africa, share the same view. This demand is very legitimate and reasonable.

On August 30 local time, State Councilor and foreign minister Wang Yi delivered a speech entitled unity and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, and common maintenance of the progressive trend of human peace and development at the French Institute of international relations.

In view of this, China has always advocated and believed that the world will move towards multi polarization and that international relations also need to realize democratization. A healthy and stable world should not be the only one or two countries has the final say. The sovereign equality of all countries is the basic principle of the UN Charter. As a world power, the United States should adopt an inclusive attitude towards the development of other countries and realize that the people of other countries, like the American people, have the right to live a better life. If the worlds seven billion people can be modernized, it will be a great progress of human society. The United States may not want to give up its dominant position in the world, but the tide of history is rolling forward. We firmly believe that the day of common development of mankind will come. China has never wanted to fight a new cold war with anyone. Moreover, in the era of globalization, there is no cold war and it is impossible to divide the world into two or three camps. Countries have fused each other and become a community of interests. In the future, we should jointly build the community of human destiny advocated by President Xi Jinping.

On Sino US relations, I would like to talk about three basic ideas. First of all, the differences or contradictions between China and the United States are not a dispute over power, status or social system, but adherence to multilateralism or unilateralism, and advocating win-win cooperation or zero sum game. This is the essence of the problems facing China US relations at present. I believe that all countries in the world have seen it very clearly that the United States is now on the wrong side of history.

Second, the United States seems to be left with unilateral sanctions and smear attacks. China must face up to the facts and make a clear response to China. As an independent country, we have the right to do so. We are not only safeguarding Chinas national interests and national dignity, but also safeguarding the basic norms of international relations.

Third, the door to China US dialogue is open. We are ready to have a frank and in-depth exchange of views with the US side on issues of common concern. We believe that there will always be people in the United States who are willing to reason, and the two sides can still negotiate and reach a consensus. China also welcomes the constructive role played by European countries, including France, in easing Sino US relations. China is happy to see Europe adhere to Strategic Autonomy and provide stability to this uncertain world.

Wang Yi: the United States is now on the wrong side of history (source: original)

On August 30 local time, State Councilor and foreign minister Wang Yi delivered a speech entitled unity and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, and common maintenance of the progressive trend of human peace and development at the French Institute of international relations.

Former French Prime Minister Francois Lafayette: EU China relations should become a pair of relations with strategic significance in international relations. This is not to question the relationship between Europe and the United States, or to use the EU China Alliance to confront the United States, but to maintain the balance of international strategy and avoid the Cold War mentality. Although there are some disputes about China in the internal discussions in Europe, it is very important for Europe and China to maintain strategic cooperation. The key now is what concrete measures can make Europe confident to work with China to open up a way forward?

Wang Yi: the world is increasingly full of uncertainty and instability. In particular, the only superpower has given up undertaking any international responsibility and constantly retreated from the group to break the treaty, leaving other countries, especially small and medium-sized countries, at a loss. Under such circumstances, China and Europe, as two responsible powers, should indeed strengthen cooperation to provide more stability to the world. I appreciate Mr. lafarines proposal that China and Europe should carry out concrete and effective cooperation. For example, in the Sino EU investment agreement negotiations, it is entirely possible for us to complete the negotiations within one year. This requires us to go against each other and exert political influence in the final stage of the negotiations. We must seize this opportunity.

Another example is to jointly promote international cooperation in addressing climate change. Although the United States withdrew from the Paris Agreement, China is actively fulfilling its commitments, and we have made it clear that we will take a green, low-carbon and sustainable development path. President Xi Jinpings green water and beautiful scenery is the golden mountain and silver mountain concept. It has not only become the common goal of all Chinese people, but also has been a concerted action by all sectors and departments in China. China has already achieved its 2020 emission reduction target two years ahead of schedule. We will do more in the future. At the same time, we also support France to continue to play a leading role in addressing climate change.

We also welcome and welcome the EUs new digital deal, because it is the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution and is related to the direction of human development and progress in the future. At present, the digital economy still lacks the rules that all countries abide by. We are willing to work with Europe to play a role in formulating international rules for the digital economy, so as to make the development of the digital economy more standardized, fairer and more sustainable. We can discuss this in detail.

In short, there are still many areas of cooperation between China and the EU. For example, the WTO is facing a crisis at present. We must make it play its due role again. We are willing to work with France and Europe to promote the reform of the WTO in an orderly manner and elect a new director general as soon as possible. This is indeed an important juncture for China, France and Europe to strengthen cooperation. We should be responsible not only to our respective people, but also to the future of the world.

European Parliament member Jean Claude lavazo: Chinas words and deeds on the issue of climate change do not seem to be consistent. China is a great civilization, but we should not suppress the people. Chinas policies on Xinjiang and Hong Kong are not in line with EU values. Do you think China should adjust?

Wang Yi: your question is very sharp, but you dont know the truth and the facts. On climate change, for example, we are not only clear-cut, but also resolute. First of all, we withstood the pressure of all parties and stood firmly with France to jointly promote the signing of the Paris Agreement, a landmark document. Second, China has achieved its commitment target of carbon dioxide emission reduction in 2020 two years ahead of schedule. The proportion of non fossil energy in Chinas total energy consumption has risen to nearly 15%, the installed capacity of renewable energy has accounted for 30% of the world, accounting for 44% of the global increment, and the number of new energy vehicles accounts for more than half of the world. Since 2000, a quarter of the worlds new green area has come from China. Third, we have not stopped. We are making new plans and studying longer-term goals according to the needs of building an ecological civilization society. These facts and figures show that we are not only saying, but also doing. It is also a fact that the air quality in Beijing is getting better and better.

Great civilization comes from the co creation of great people. Ill give you some figures from international opinion polls. The Pew Research Center, Harvard University and other independent public opinion surveys have been conducted many times around the world. The results show that the support rate of the Chinese people for the ruling party and the Chinese government is the highest in the world, with an average of more than 90%, far more than that of other countries in the world. If we do not effectively protect and promote peoples human rights, how can we continue to gain the support of the broad masses of the people?

As for the issues of Hong Kong and Xinjiang, first of all, I would like to stress that this is Chinas internal affairs, and foreign countries have no right to interfere. We never discuss the internal affairs of other countries. Because we believe that governments of all countries will handle their own affairs well and fulfill their due responsibilities. I still want to tell you the numbers and the facts. Because the facts are the most powerful! The rumor will eventually be exposed by facts.

Since the second half of last year, the world has witnessed chaos in Hong Kong. The parliament has been smashed, the subway has been paralyzed, innocent people have been injured, and members of parliament have been stabbed by terrorist attacks. If chaos continues, Hong Kong will have no future and one country, two systems will be difficult to maintain. Why does this happen? One important reason is that after Hong Kongs return to China, it has not completed the legislation to safeguard national security. Any country, including France, must have laws to safeguard national security, and this is the central authority. So we cant sit and watch this mess go on! In accordance with the Constitution and the basic law of Hong Kong and the need for Hong Kong to implement one country, two systems and a high degree of autonomy, we have formulated a national security law suitable for Hong Kong to fill this major loophole in the legal system of Hong Kong. After the decision was made by the National Peoples Congress of China, nearly 3 million people in Hong Kong signed their support, reflecting the basic public opinion. After the implementation of the Hong Kong national security law, nearly 80% of Hong Kong people believe that Hong Kong is safer and more stable.

As for the Xinjiang issue you mentioned. Xinjiang is an autonomous region of China bordering on Afghanistan, and used to be a channel for international terrorist forces to enter China. A few years ago, there were thousands of violent terrorist incidents in Xinjiang, and hundreds of innocent people, including Uighur people, were injured. Of course, the Chinese government should take the responsibility of protecting peoples lives and resolutely fight against terrorism. At the same time, we pay more attention to carry out preventive anti-terrorism and realize de polarization through education. France, the United States and other countries have de extreme center, community correction system and other similar practices, which is also in response to the United Nations request to countries. The human rights of personnel participating in education and training are fully guaranteed, and all personnel have graduated, learned skills, found jobs and returned to normal social life. In the past three years, there has been no violence or terrorism in Xinjiang. The society is peaceful and harmonious, and the people live and work in peace and contentment.

Ill give you a few more basic facts. In the past 40 years, the Uygur population in Xinjiang has increased from 5.5 million to 11 million, more than doubling. Where did the ethnic cleansing come from? Its a vicious rumor. There are 24000 mosques in Xinjiang. On average, there is one mosque for every 530 Muslim people in Xinjiang. This ratio is higher than that in many Muslim countries. Where can we suppress religious freedom? We welcome you to visit Xinjiang. Seeing is believing. In recent years, we have invited nearly 100 groups and more than 1000 people from more than 90 countries to visit Xinjiang. They come from different countries and have different political positions, but they all agree that what they see in Xinjiang is totally different from what they have heard before.

Why does this happen? One reason is that there are a very small number of Anti China elements who are committed to discredit China. They find that the more sensational news they spread, the more attention they will get, the more sympathy they will get, and even funding. As a result, the lies become bigger and bigger, but they are far away from the facts. No matter how much lies are told, they will be exposed by facts. Of course, if we carry out the presumption of guilt in advance and go to China with prejudice, we must find or develop the so-called evidence, which is another matter. Of course, the people of Xinjiang will not accept it. We welcome you to visit China more often to see the progress and changes that have taken place in China, which is the fastest changing place in the world today. China has made great progress and will certainly usher in new and greater progress in the future.

Mr. Schweitzer, honorary chairman of Renault group: can you talk about the relationship between China and its two neighboring countries, India and Japan, from the perspective of maintaining multilateralism?

Wang Yi: China pursues the policy of good neighborliness and friendship. We hope to have a long-term stable and friendly relationship with all its neighbors. China has a long history and is the country with the largest number of neighboring countries in the world. There are always some problems left in the long historical exchanges. We are willing to solve the problems left over by history through friendly consultation with our neighbors in the attitude of being good to and partner with our neighbors. At the same time, it is important to look forward, jointly realize development and prosperity, and jointly safeguard regional peace and stability.

We are always willing to develop long-term and stable friendly relations with Japan on the basis of learning from history and facing the future. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II and a year of reflection. We should learn from it and never let the tragedy of history repeat itself. I think more and more people in Japan think so. I believe that China Japan relations will continue to develop in the general direction of improvement.

Recently, China India relations have attracted the attention of all parties. What I want to tell you is that China has always been committed to maintaining stability in the border areas between China and India. We will not take the initiative to complicate and expand the situation. Of course, we should firmly safeguard our sovereignty and territorial integrity. The border between China and India has not been delimited, so there will always be problems like this and that. We are willing to control various issues through dialogue with India. At the same time, these issues should be placed in an appropriate position in bilateral relations. President Xi Jinping and Premier Modi met several times and reached many important consensus. For example, instead of fighting between dragons and elephants, we should dance together with dragons, 1 + 1 is not equal to 2, but equal to 11. These are philosophical views. For another example, the leaders of the two countries agree that cooperation is greater than differences, and common interests are greater than contradictions. Therefore, differences should be well managed, especially not allowed to escalate into conflicts. I think all departments of the two countries should implement these important consensus. Both China and India are big Eastern countries with a long history of civilization. The two countries live close to each other and complement each other very well. China is willing to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries to help India speed up its own development. China and India are also representatives of major developing countries and emerging economies. We should jointly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of developing countries in the international arena and create broader development space for emerging economies. If both China and India can develop, 2.7 billion people will move towards modernization together, which will be an unprecedented spectacle in the cause of human progress. I hope India can look at and deal with the problem from such a perspective.

De montbriar, President of the French Institute of International Relations: could you please give us a brief introduction of Chinas views on North Korea?

Wang Yi: Chinas position on the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula can be summarized as dual track progress, that is, on the one hand, it is necessary to promote and realize the denuclearization of the peninsula, on the other hand, it is necessary to promote and establish a peace mechanism on the Korean Peninsula. These two aspects complement each other. With the peace mechanism and the resolution of the security concerns of the DPRK, it is possible to move towards denuclearization. At the same time, these two goals can not be achieved overnight, but need to be carried forward step by step. The important thing is to make a good start. With the support of the international community, the leaders of the United States and the DPRK met in Singapore and issued a joint statement. Among the four main contents, the most important one is to establish a peace mechanism on the peninsula and the other is to realize denuclearization of the peninsula. This is consistent with Chinas position and the common aspiration of the international community. Unfortunately, the meeting between the United States and the DPRK has not been able to continue. The two sides have not yet worked out a road map to achieve these two major goals. The DPRK side believes that the United States has not gone in the opposite direction. China supports the dialogue between the United States and the DPRK and believes that France will continue to support it. We all need to make efforts to build a better world.