Its getting cold! Take a look at this complete guide to health preservation in early autumn

 Its getting cold! Take a look at this complete guide to health preservation in early autumn

Although the cold winter is a high incidence period of cardiovascular disease, the weather of autumn tiger is cool in the morning and evening, muggy and hot during the day, and the temperature span of the day is large, which is also easy to induce cardiovascular disease. Because, when the weather is getting cooler and hotter, the blood vessels of human body are often in the state of expansion to relative contraction, and from contraction to expansion, which is a health threat to people with cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, when the weather is cool, some patients with cardiovascular disease will relax their vigilance and lose the regularity of daily life and medication. In case of hot and dry weather coming again, it is easy to lead to acute attack of the disease.

Not only that, from time to time, the high temperature weather, make the human body sweat a lot, easy to cause blood viscosity increase, blood flow slow, cause cerebral thrombosis. It may also lead to insufficient blood volume, blood concentration, insufficient perfusion of important organs, ischemic damage and angina pectoris.

Therefore, out of the dog days, more can not relax, to correct health.

Dont do morning exercise too early

In the early autumn after emergence, the temperature difference gradually increased. Some people go out to do morning exercises at four or five oclock. At this time, people are easily stimulated by the cold, which makes the already high blood pressure rise faster in the morning, thus increasing the possibility of cerebrovascular accidents.

2. Dont wear shorts and vests

After ambush, sooner or later it is cooler. Dont wear too cool clothes such as shorts and vests. Its better to carry a thin coat or scarf to prevent wind. Be sure to protect the neck, back, feet, these are the most abundant places of blood vessels, the stimulation of cool autumn will promote the rapid contraction of blood vessels, causing danger.

3. Dont turn on the air conditioner at night

Pay attention to the use of the air conditioner after ambush. Try not to turn on the air conditioner when sleeping at night. Even if it needs to be turned on at a fixed time, it will not invade the internal organs, meridians, bones and joints of the human body by the Yin Qi of the air conditioner and the cold air from the outside in the middle of the night, causing cold, diarrhea, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, joint pain and other symptoms.

Dont sleep late

After ambush, many people are easy to feel tired, which is what we often call autumn fatigue. In order to alleviate the lack of autumn, we need to sleep earlier, go to bed early and get up early. Compared with summer, we can get about an hours sleep, or increase sleep by taking a nap. In addition, if sleep is not enough after ambush, blood pressure instability is more likely to occur, leading to cardiovascular disease.

From 11:00 p.m. to 23:00 a.m. is the best time for human body to sleep. If you miss this time period, the quality of sleep will be greatly reduced. Generally, its time to go to bed at 10:30 p.m.

5. Dont drink too little water

After the emergence of high temperature weather, there are still many times of high temperature weather, a large amount of body water evaporation, not timely supplement water will lead to increased blood concentration. The amount of drinking water should not be less than 2000 to 2500 ml every day. Before going to bed at night and after getting up in the morning, you should drink a glass of water. You can also add some water when you wake up in the middle of the night, which can reduce blood viscosity and prevent thrombosis.

Keep in mind four points for health preservation after going out of bed

In the early autumn, health needs to start from diet, daily life, exercise and other aspects.

1. Diet: less thirst for cold, dispel dampness and replenish qi

In early autumn, we must reduce the intake of cold food, especially for people with spleen deficiency and stomach cold. In addition, the climate in early autumn is relatively humid, which will not be as dry as that in mid autumn and autumn. Therefore, attention should be paid to promoting dampness and invigorating the spleen at this stage. Lotus seeds, red beans, jobs tears and other food with invigorating spleen and dampness should be selected appropriately.

2. Daily life: prevent autumn fatigue, go to bed early and get up early

3. Skin care: prevent dryness and sunscreen

After the early autumn, dry skin and other problems are the most annoying. In fact, diet also has a great impact on the skin. Eating more fruits and vegetables, especially some skin care fruits, can provide moisture, dietary fiber and antioxidant components for the body, which is beneficial to skin health, such as blueberries, kiwi fruits and cherry tomatoes. In addition, the early autumn suns ultraviolet radiation did not significantly weaken, at this time we should not ignore sunscreen because it is cool.

4. Sports: the main slow, do a good warm-up

Autumn is a good season for outdoor exercise, but if you dont prepare properly before exercise, you will inadvertently bring small damage. Therefore, it is better to follow three principles in the health exercise after autumn, that is, focusing on slow, practicing cold resistance and protecting shoulders.

Main slow: Autumn exercise should be based on slow exercise, especially for the elderly, the best choice is gentle and relaxed, less sweating sports, such as Taijiquan, walking, etc.

Practice cold resistance: as the saying goes, covering spring and freezing in autumn, it is the most effective way to improve the sensitivity of body regulation response to cold exercise starting from the early autumn, when the cold and hot alternate. The items of cold resistance training include mountaineering, jogging, etc.

Protect the shoulder: the temperature difference between the morning and evening in autumn begins to increase, and the muscle viscosity is high in the low temperature state. If you do not do warm-up activities, you can easily lead to muscle and ligament damage. Shoulder, neck, waist are the most prone to sports injury. Therefore, in addition to twisting the neck and shoulders to warm up, it is advisable to tie a small scarf or wear a high collar shirt when exercising, so as to prevent the cold wind from blowing the neck.