Chinese restaurant publicity now Zhao Liyings black post provoked discussion program group to issue an apology

 Chinese restaurant publicity now Zhao Liyings black post provoked discussion program group to issue an apology

On September 1, Netease Entertainment reported that Zhao Liyings black post was found in PR, a program published by Chinese restaurant, which aroused doubts from fans. In the evening, the program group sent a micro blog apology, because the title content is not carefully reviewed, leading to misunderstanding. In the first edition of the war report, all the screenshots in the main body of the article are in support of Zhao Liying. I have communicated with Li Ying at the first time to apologize, and I wont do it again! Its all because of my wrong eyes. Ill replace my glasses right now

Subsequently, Zhao Liying studio issued a statement in response, saying that it hoped that the program team would investigate and deal with the error from the source, so as to avoid similar situations, refuse any editing set by false people, refuse the program content to guide Zhao Liyings personality falsely, and stop all cooperation and publicity of the program in case of similar disputes.

It is reported that at the beginning of the broadcast of Chinese restaurant, Zhao Liyings anxiety about setting up peoples minds was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but also because of the table etiquette issues caused heated discussion. However, the contradiction has always existed and never disappeared.

Chinese restaurant war report

Zhao Liying studio issued a statement

Fans expressed dissatisfaction

Zhao Liyings official and fans were greatly dissatisfied with the contents of the manuscript aimed at the guests as a War newspaper. In addition to fans spontaneity, Zhao Liying studio released a statement on the contents of Chinese restaurant. This shows the fact that the program group publicized a large number of Zhao Liyings false discussions during the program as the content of war report. Although communication and apology were made afterwards, the harm and influence could not disappear. Zhao Liying will no longer cooperate with the publicity work of the program group if similar situations happen again.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Dan_ NBJS10788