My wifes death is very sad, but the death of my relatives makes me under a lot of pressure, Shanxis Shoushou old man explained kneeling down

 My wifes death is very sad, but the death of my relatives makes me under a lot of pressure, Shanxis Shoushou old man explained kneeling down

Im so excited that my superiors have sent so many of you to care for me. How can I thank the higher authorities for their care? In this way (kneeling) thank you for your care. Thats what it means At this point, old man Li shook his hands and clapped his knees. In his opinion, everyone came to help him solve the problem. So he knelt down at that time when he was excited, not because he knelt down and apologized because of guilt.

He didnt plan to hold the birthday party, but his relatives and friends advised him to have a good time, so he changed his mind and decided to hold a banquet in Juxian hotel in the last few days. I usually like to play erhu, and I go out to perform with the villagers. They all advise me to have a good time. I want everyone to sing and sing, and the fun will be over. Who knows, when the third one is sung, the house will collapse. Mr. Li said that the birthday day was not a banquet. All the guests were given a bowl of saozi noodles. He did not plan to hold another banquet at noon. The main activity was to sing opera and play cards in the hotel. At that time, he came to the backyard of the hotel to listen to the opera after eating a bowl of noodles, so he escaped. I just came out two minutes ago. After listening to a few words, I heard a bang. The house collapsed, and people fainted. I didnt know anything. Others carried me out. When the tragedy happened, Lis sons were outside to take care of the guests, so they were not buried. However, Lis wife was separated from him.

This tragedy caused a total of 29 people, including Lis wife and children, who were mostly his relatives and friends. The sudden death of a loved one, relatives and friends, and the pain of dozens of families is a kind of torture for old man Li. Although my old lady is no longer here, she is already seventy-eight years old. However, there are children who are eight years old and young daughter-in-law. They have not lived long. How can I not care about them? The same thing.

After the incident, Lis sons went to the city to deal with things. His relatives came to comfort him. His neighbors brought him lunch, which moved him very much.

Today, no one came to make trouble at home, but all the victims were relatives. We felt terrible. It was the same for every family. We were worried that the old people could not bear it. Lis eldest grandson said that he was old and had too much stimulation after the accident. His family were worried about the old mans health and did not dare to tell him too much about the accident.

Previously reported:

At about 9:40 on August 29, 2020, Juxian hotel in Chenzhuang village, Taosi Township, Xiangfen County, Shanxi Province collapsed, trapping 57 people. After intensive search and rescue, as of 3:52 on August 30, all the trapped people had been rescued, including 29 dead, 7 seriously injured and 21 slightly injured.

On August 30, the reporter saw in the old mans home where the birthday banquet happened. The old man was extremely sad. Because most of his relatives died in the collapse accident, he was left alone at home.

The old man recalled that when the hotel collapsed, he was waiting for a friend outside. The roof collapsed, and his wife, son-in-law, son-in-law and grandson were all smashed inside, and his mind was suddenly lost. The old man said that among the victims, there were still five or six children, and now he does not know how to face the parents of these children.

Juxian hotel is still cordoned off

Uncle Li, who lost his close relatives, was deeply grieved. He knelt down and apologized in guilt.

In this regard, netizens almost one-sided heartache for the elderly:

A kind of

I love you, and the old man doesnt want a good happy event to turn into a tragedy.

The point is the house.

If the old man cant live a long life, what should be collapsed will still collapse.

What kind of apology do you have?

The old man is also a victim. His wife died in this accident.

When she saw Sister Li, a taxi driver, in Anli village, she had just picked up a passenger from Xiangfen west station to return to the village. The passenger cried all the way.. Li said the passengers family members were killed in the disaster.

The disaster happened at 9:40 a.m. on the 29th. The banquet hall of Juxian Hotel suddenly collapsed. A lunch was held here two hours later to celebrate the 80th birthday of an old man in Anli village. The reason why many people gather here at more than 9 am is because of the local custom of early noodles and lunch. Many people have already come to the hotel after 7 a.m. to eat a bowl of longevity noodles with the old people who have lived for a long time, and then start to eat at noon.

The old man, whose surname is Li, likes to play Hu Hu and listen to Puzhou opera. There are many opera friends in the village. After eating noodles, several old playmates set up a stage and became lively. The old mans birthday is bound to be lively. Villager Li tongtao (pseudonym) said to reporters. Li tongtao acted as the host of the performance on that day. He recalled the scene and was still in deep fear. Fortunately, there were 50 or 60 people listening to the opera in the courtyard outside, otherwise it might have been a disaster.

Li tongtao recalled that at about 9:40, there was a loud hula, like the explosion of a gas tank, a thick smoke rose high, and I immediately realized that it was broken, something big had happened. Li tongtao immediately stopped the opera performance, and the villagers on the scene took the lead in rescuing. The trumpet in the village also informed us that party members and young people would rush to rescue the people. Li tongtao said that within ten or twenty minutes, the villagers rescued six or seven people, and then professional rescue teams such as fire control arrived at the scene.

As of 3:52 a.m. on August 30, the on-site rescue and rescue work of the collapse accident has been completed. A total of 57 buried people have been rescued, including 29 dead, 7 seriously injured and 21 slightly injured. All the seriously injured have been treated effectively. At present, the vital signs are stable and there is no life danger.

The old mans mood is still not calm

Its all my relatives who died! The hotel collapsed and the old man knelt down to apologize for the hot search! Video too painful (source: Qianjiang Evening News)

A well-known shopkeeper

Juxian hotel has been in the local area for some years. It belongs to the form of front room and back shop. The owner of Juxian Hotel, Qi Jianhua, lives in a private house in front of the banquet hall. According to the business information, Juxian hotel is a self-employed restaurant. Its registered name is Juxian restaurant, Chenzhuang, Taosi Township, Xiangfen county. It was established on September 22, 2003, and its business scope is Chinese restaurant. The hotel is their familys own business, and there is no one to hire. The bosss son has learned how to cook, so he works in the restaurant. Li tongtao said.

The boss and his wife are from Chenzhuang village, about 50 years old. They are very popular and friendly in the local area. Li tongtao said that Juxian hotel has been built for more than ten years. The color steel plate was built later, but I cant remember when. Chen Zhuang village director said in an interview with the media that the collapsed hotel was built by villagers in six times, and it has been at least 123 years.

The longevity old man also evaluated the hotel owner to the reporter: those two are good people. The old man said that his eldest son had some friendship with Qi Jianhua, so he chose Juxian hotel for the birthday party.

At about 15:00 p.m. on the 30th, the reporter found an old man who had lived a long time in Anli village. The old mans mood was still not calm. He could hear his cry outside the hospital. For the accident, the old man seemed very self reproach, at that time, I was confused, and I didnt care about others. All the victims were my relatives, my friends and my relatives. Its a pity that those young children, some seven or eight year old children, let me face their parents in the future, I feel very distressed.

At about 16:00 p.m., the staff of Anli village were putting up the list of victims on the bulletin board at the entrance of the village, 29 victims, 24 of them belong to our village, and there are five or six dolls. Its a pity. Looking at the list, the villagers in the past expressed great regret.

Anli village staff are posting the names of the victims on the bulletin board at the entrance of the village

The cause of the accident remains to be investigated

On the afternoon of the 30th, when the reporter came to Juxian hotel again, the hotel and the surrounding houses were still surrounded by the cordon, and the door of the hotel was open, but no one was in the room.

According to local official news, after the rescue, an accident investigation team was set up at the scene immediately to investigate the accident. However, up to now, whether there are illegal covers on the building of Juxian Hotel and the specific causes of the accident are still under investigation. It is understood that Qi Jianhua, the owner of the hotel, has been under control.

According to nearby villagers, Juxian hotel was originally built by villagers. The house of the main house has been built for more than 20 years. In the early days, there was only one floor close to the road. However, due to the road construction in recent years, the road has been continuously raised. The original first floor has become underground, so it has been covered with two floors. Later, a loft, bedrooms and kitchens have been added. Up to now, it has been expanded five or six times.

On the 29th, the safety committee of the State Council decided to supervise the investigation and treatment of the hotel collapse accident in Xiangfen County, Shanxi Province. The safety committee of the State Council requires Shanxi Province to draw lessons from accidents, strictly implement the regulations on the responsibility system for safe production of local party and government leading cadres, carry out in-depth investigation and treatment of potential risks, crack down on all kinds of illegal acts, pay close attention to the implementation of various preventive measures, strictly prevent major accidents, and put the safety of peoples lives in the first place. Shanxi Province is required to pay close attention to the organization of accident investigation, study strictly in accordance with the time limit, and put forward handling suggestions.

And Shanxi Province also decided to immediately carry out special safety inspection of housing construction and personnel gathering places in the whole province from now on. At the same time, the accident was investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law and regulations, the cause and nature of the accident were thoroughly investigated, and the handling results were released to the public in a timely manner.

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Why do the octogenarians bear the blame for 29 deaths caused by collapsed hotels in Shanxi?

With the end of rescue work, the incident of Hotel collapse in Linfen, Shanxi Province, officially entered the stage of inquiry into the accident. At the same time, Uncle Li, who held his 80th birthday party in a hotel, was also promoted to the media. Although we are very clear that the Hotel collapse has nothing to do with Uncle Lis birthday party, he has become the object of intense media attention.

According to Mr. Li in an interview with the media, August 30 is his right day, but in order to send his children to school, the birthday party will be held one day ahead of schedule. But, also in this days difference, has occurred this kind of bloody disaster. As Mr. Li said, this hotel has a history of more than 20 years. Many people come to eat every day. I didnt expect that there would be an accident in the hotel.

To a certain extent, Uncle Li was really unlucky. This birthday party not only involved relatives and friends, but also killed his wife, who was two years younger. Although, from the rational level, there is no causal relationship between holding birthday party and hotel collapse. However, back to the secular scale, Uncle Li may not be able to eliminate his label of hard life until he dies. Especially, the longer he lives, the heavier the accusation is.

As a matter of fact, there will always be two parallel scales for this Hotel collapse incident. One is to simply think that this is an accident of building collapse; the other is to carry out some farfetched causal logic and make a rather strange analysis and identification. As far as one is concerned, it belongs to the logic of official rehabilitation, while second is naturally the logic of public opinion intervention.

After all, for Uncle Li, he is also a victim. You know, in such a disaster, Uncle Li has to bear the pain of losing some of his relatives and friends, but also has to bear the incalculable self blame. Although, in the sense of reason, he should not bear it alone, but in the scale of human nature, he may not die in peace.

Many people stressed that holding a birthday party, even if it was not the direct cause of the collapse of the house, was responsible for the death and injury of relatives and friends. In an interview with the media, Uncle Li has already responded to this kind of questioning and questioning, and stressed that the birthday party is not his own opinion, but the proposal of relatives and friends. As far as his personal wishes are concerned, he is not very willing to hold a birthday party.

The questioning of public opinion and Mr. Lis response have obviously entered the category of hard bar. To some extent, even if we dislike the rural peoples Congress for holding birthday banquet, it does not mean that the original sin of holding birthday banquet is the cause of hotel collapse. Therefore, all the questioning and accusations of Uncle Li are not fair enough.

You know, as far as this birthday banquet is concerned, it is a lifelong shadow for Uncle Li, as well as for his relatives and friends. From the situation of Uncle Li, he is already 80 years old. Considering the limit of his life, he is enough. After all, for the 80 year old birthday party, this is a salute to the limit of life. Although there are many people who can live longer, those who can live to the age of 80 can basically be called the perfection of life.

Even as the focus of media opinion faded, relatives of the victims like Uncle Li really began to face their grief. The broken families, the broken human relationships, may never be saved. It is a pity that 29 people were killed, but how will the 28 people who survived face the future life?

In addition, there is not enough supervision on buildings. However, for such an old hotel with a history of more than 20 years, if there has never been an abnormal building body, it is very difficult to enter the regulatory line of sight. This is especially true for the buildings in villages and towns. Therefore, to a large extent, it can only be called accident.

Of course, such an event will certainly trigger periodic surprise inspections by the regulatory authorities. However, we should be clear that in order to completely avoid the recurrence of similar events, in addition to good supervision, we should strengthen supervision in construction. Only in this way can we overcome future troubles and keep us away from tragedies. (source: Qianjiang Evening News)

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