The defendants urine sample and monitoring lost

 The defendants urine sample and monitoring lost

The full text is as follows:

[evidence of disappearance

1. The results of urine test of the defendant were positive, but the results of hair and blood test were negative. The urine test was conducted on January 2 (two days after the incident), and the blood and hair test was conducted seven days after the incident, and the three samples were not preserved;

2. The video recording of KTV and tachograph disappeared;

3. Witnesses with amnesia: public officials and service personnel who had contact with the defendant on the day of the incident made vague statements of amnesia;

4. The surveillance video of the key position of the accident section is missing.

[trial process

1. The chief judge interrupted the plaintiffs lawyer;

2. The defense lawyer of the defendant interrupted the speech of the plaintiffs lawyer for many times;

4. The plaintiffs lawyer asked to check the escape route and monitoring. The defendants lawyer took the photos taken by the defendant as evidence, whether it was reasonable.

[defendants performance

1. At the beginning, the defendant denied that he was in and out of KTV;

2. At first, the defendant denied drinking alcohol on the day of the incident, and then the video evidence showed that he had drunk seven drinks during the period;

3. During the trial, the defendant sat in a posture of fearlessness and defied the court.

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