Wang Zulan responds to male chauvinism

 Wang Zulan responds to male chauvinism

In the program, Wang Zulans ability to do housework can be said to be growing steadily. This time, when Li Yanan and his cousin went shopping together, Wang Zulan took on the daily work of taking care of his daughter Gabby alone, instantly opening the super daddy mode and unlocking the new experience of taking care of her baby. In the face of her energetic baby daughter, Wang Zulan coax and jumps. In addition to being tired physically and mentally, she still helps Li Yanan prepare dinner. During the period, she keeps going back and forth between the living room and the kitchen, repeatedly confirming Gabbys safety condition. She is really a careful and caring father and a caring husband. When Li Yanan saw Wang Zulans carefully prepared romantic dinner, he immediately turned into little fan Mei and praised him to the point that he could not stop. The two dressed up elaborately and had a full sense of ritual and shared a romantic moment, sweet and warm.

When Wang Zulan and Li Yanan took Gabby to watch their wedding video at that time, Wang Zulan sighed to Gabby, who was still a child, and said: its coming to you soon. You must find a good boy, OK??

Facing the problem of prematurely considering their daughters marriage, Wang Zulan and his wife frankly said: since she was born, she has been thinking about this problem. The more we dont want to face, the earlier we have to face it, so that we can have 18 years to adapt. For such a busy day, Wang Zulan said happily: you all said that the baby met me on a childs Sunday. In fact, that day was also my own Sunday. Although the body was very busy, but the spirit was very enjoyable. Because Gabby had been told about a hundred babies when she was doing the examination, she would be the top ten, so I really said to myself that there was not much time to look down at her. I watched every day and looked as much as I could.

In the program, when talking about the topic of male chauvinism, Wang Zulan responded generously and sincerely: there will be time for male chauvinism, because the times are different from generation to generation, but they will still be influenced by the previous generation, such as father and grandfather. In fact, their actions are intimate, but they dont express that kind of expression. They still have a little bit of fathers Shadow. Finally, Wang Zulan never forgets the self-criticism style: where there is a perfect man, I often say perfect, but I am not perfect myself, but I will gradually improve.

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