U.S. stocks up and down, Tesla surpasses visa to become the seventh largest U.S. listed company by market value

 U.S. stocks up and down, Tesla surpasses visa to become the seventh largest U.S. listed company by market value

Specifically, in U.S. stock trading on Monday, leading technology stocks rose and fell, with Apple shares closing at $129.04, up 3.39%; Googles parent company alphabet, down 0.62%; Amazon, at $3450.96, up 1.45%; Microsoft, at $225.53, down 1.48%; Facebook, at $293.20, down 0.16%; Oracle, at $57.22, down 1.45% 14%; IBM closed at $123.31, down 1.41%; Netflix closed at $529.56, up 1.08%; Tesla closed at $498.32, up 12.57%; twitter fell 1.19%, Uber fell 0.50%; LYFT fell 3.57%.

Among the leading chip stocks in the U.S., TSMC fell 1.48% to $79.25, NVIDIA rose 1.72% to $534.98, Intel to $50.95, Broadcom to $347.15, 0.68% to $347.15, Qualcomm to $119.10, Texas Instruments to $142.15, down 0.93%, AMD to $90.82, up 6.16%, and applied materials Materials companies fell 2.33%; Meguiar technology fell 0.39%.

Most of the major Chinese stocks listed in the United States fell, with Alibaba closing at $287.03, down 0.68%; Jingdong closing at $78.64, down 1.65%; Baidu closing at $124.75, down 3.43%; pinduoduo closing at $88.94, down 0.29%; bilibilibili closing at $47.25, down 0.30%; tal closing at $73.81, down 4.06%; iqiyi closing at $21.65, up 1.03% It closed at $85.40, up 4.67%; Weibo closed at $37.30, down 3.09%; Sina fell 0.99%; Sohu fell 4.69%; Sogou fell 0.23%; Ctrip fell 1.27%; 51job fell 2.30%; car home fell 5.34%; 58 intra city fell 0.56%; Weilai rose 2.86%; Jinshan cloud fell 1.26%, ideal car fell 7.39%.

Monday was the first day after the split between apple and Tesla, with both stocks up sharply. Apple shares rose 3.39%, the best performing component of the Dow; Tesla shares were up about 13%. Tesla closed Monday with a market capitalization of $464.3 billion, surpassing visa for the first time to become the seventh largest U.S. company by market value. Visa closed at $451.1 billion.

Mondays rally was the latest strong performance since apple and Tesla announced a split. Apple said on July 30 that its board approved a 4-to-1 split. Since then, the stock has risen more than 32%. Teslas share price has soared more than 70 per cent since it announced a 1-to-5 split on August 11.

However, Leon Cooperman, a well-known investor, said on Monday that the share price rise triggered by the split was a troubling sign for the market.

In August, the Dow rose 7.6%, the biggest gain since 1984. The benchmark index rose 7% in August, the best month since 1986.

The benchmark index also rose for the fifth consecutive month. Data from Suntrust / truist advisory, an investment firm, show that the index has risen only 26 times in five consecutive months since 1950.

However, it is worth noting that after such a strong monthly rally, the near-term stock market returns will moderate as expected, Keith Lerner, the companys chief market strategist, said in a report (Liu Chun)

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of Netease science and Technology Report_ NBJ11279