In Fudan University to shoot naked video just to make money? Be a man!

 In Fudan University to shoot naked video just to make money? Be a man!

It is not a shame to pursue ones own sexual happiness.

However, geese, everything has two sides. Although the concept of sex in modern society has been opened up, there are also a lot of wanton behaviors without lower limits.

For example, in the case of UNIQLO a few years ago, a good fitting room has become a happy place for the couple.

Then the IKEA exposure event, which was exposed in famous public places, shocked the whole network for a time and refreshed the lower limit.

In fact, it is a group of paid videos shot by the creator of a certain P station, in order to make money.

As a result, the more and more trouble, IKEA officials have paid attention to it.

Scared, the creator immediately cancelled all accounts, disappeared in the network.

Originally, Xiao Lei thought that there was no lower limit to expose the behavior in such public shopping places.

People who do this kind of thing have no lower limit, they just need money!

The thing is like this. Recently, a video has been spread wildly on the Internet. Women run naked on campus in Shanghai Fudan University without clothes.

At first, the woman dressed well.

The result did not have a few seconds, take off the coat directly???

When the camera comes to the lake, the woman stands behind the tree, and there is a young man by the lake...

When she came to the teaching building, the woman stood behind the pillar, so that it looked as if there was no one nearby.

Since we are playing with limit exposure, how can we call it limit if there is no one nearby?

The photographer pushed the lens into the back of the basketball court with his skillful lens.

A group of students were playing basketball, but they didnt know. Behind them stood a naked woman.

The photographer and the woman dont think its exciting enough? Turn around and walk into the teaching building...

Hello, Hello, more and more excessive, in case there is a student inside, he meow is a serious impact on public order.

However, this team needs such effect to attract eyeballs, and the girl goes directly to the study room of someone!!!

The woman is not wearing anything and is wandering around the school. Others will wash their eyes when they see it.

In the end, the woman walks around a classroom with no one, and the video ends.

It can be confirmed that the shooting site is Fudan University.

Source from the Internet

The team claims to be engaged in performance art. Although Xiao Lei is a sand sculpture, he can not tell the difference between performance art and GHS.

Whats more, videos are not new.

As early as June, this exposed video shot in Fudan University had been circulated on the Internet. Later, because of the spread of some marketing numbers, the video was stir fried again.

Before the Fudan University video, the team had shot many similar exposure videos.

The female host of the video is not fixed. There are many female models in the team. The female host of this Fudan video is one person, and the next video may be another person.

In 19 years, the team even ran several outdoor live shows without a bottom line.

During the 52 minute live broadcast, the woman hid in a suitcase.

In another live broadcast, the woman even quietly sat in the back row and took off her clothes during a class in a university classroom.

What if its not embarrassing when people turn their heads?

Do this kind of thing in the classroom of learning knowledge, it is really the embodiment of shamelessness incisively and vividly!

Behind these videos of debauchery and challenging the moral bottom line, its all money.

Have you found that the female models in the video are all coded?

There are two reasons for coding. One is to evade legal sanctions. The other is that some models are part-time workers who want to earn a quick sum of money and then collect the money.

The video can be sold for a good price through various channels, not only the Beijing Angel team can make a profit.

People who buy these videos can get more benefits through secondary sales.

In some small forums and websites, there have been a lot of virtual currency trading video posts.

For example, 99 virtual currency can buy a full set of videos, and 99 virtual currency needs 99 yuan to recharge.

In the comments section of these posts, they are basically applauded.

And a lot of netizens will get the resources through the network disk compression package encryption way to spread each other, cant stop at all.

However, dont think that sharing resources with others is really a good persons life is safe.

China has a clear criminal law. If the crime constitutes the crime of disseminating, producing, reproducing, publishing, selling or Disseminating Obscene Articles, it can be sentenced to imprisonment of less than three years, or more than ten years or life imprisonment.

Finally, we advise those groups that have no down line and no bottom line to challenge social morality.

One day you will be punished.

Porn enters the ivory tower of colleges and universities. Someone sells films naked in Fudan University!

Compared with the old times, the king of science and technology thinks that peoples sexual concept has been constantly open.

The ideas of sexual freedom and sexual liberation are also expanding. The traditional women are gradually liberated from the shackles of prohibition and bravely pursue their own sexual happiness.

However, the pursuit of novelty by human nature and the pursuit of profit by greed often result in some wanton and challenging behaviors.

UNIQLO fitting room, Extreme Street exposure, IKEA naked, Beijing IKEA photos

They have a clear division of labor between men and women, and use their naked videos for profit, constantly challenging peoples cognitive threshold.

It was not until the news of Fudan University LC incident that the science and technology King realized that not only did these people have no lower limit, but also the ivory tower like the school.

In broad daylight, in full view of the public.

From the four minute video released from the Internet, we can see that the team has taken exposure shooting in the campus, classroom, study room, basketball court and other places.

He also shot naked outside the wall on the left side of the basketball court, although there were two young men standing next door watching others play basketball.

Even when there is no one in the study room, leisurely from the back door to the front door.

Even if there are students studying in the classroom, they have to sneak in and take a picture.

The scene that appeared in the video title is Yanyuan in Fudan University.

According to the science and technology king, this video is a team called XX angel, in the guise of art, secretly GHS.

As early as in Lujiazui in Shanghai, the team had done similar things, and it was a double person.

No matter where it is, no matter what the impact will be.

The hustle and bustle of Jinxi makes the old people in the small town more angry.

Under the temptation of money to stimulate desire, many girls take such so-called extreme challenges.

And the final destination of these contents is to sell them to the online disks of abnormal addicts at a high price.

At the same time, it will remain on the Internet for a long time or even permanently.

There are even comments on how to get this content.

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Some of the other comments are standard content of the same old batch, and some people even hope to update it quickly.

Alas The network environment is really clean!