IPhone 12 released in October with apple watch 6

 IPhone 12 released in October with apple watch 6

Apple plans to hold an event in late October to launch the iPhone 12, apple watch series 6 and the long rumored airtags, according to the latest news from macotakara.

According to the report, Apple may also have a press conference in September, but the main character will be the new iPad series, which may also be launched directly.

As for airtags, the code of Bluetooth tracking devices similar to tile has been found in the IOS update of IOS 13 beta version, so they have been brewing for some time. They will be used in conjunction with Apples appclips function, which allows users to download small pieces of the app without downloading the entire app, such as ordering from a restaurant. However, airtags is designed to be used in findmy So its not clear how this will work.

According to the source, apple is now preparing for the iPhone 12, and the price of the four new models may be adjusted due to the support of 5g network

The price of the iPhone 12128gb starts at US $699, and the top price of the iPhone 12promax 512gb is $1399, which is converted into RMB:

IPhone 12: about 4899 yuan for 128GB and 5599 yuan for 256gb;

IPhone 12max: about 5599 yuan for 128GB and 6299 yuan for 256gb;

IPhone 12pro: About 6999 yuan for 128GB, 7699 yuan for 256gb and 8999 yuan for 512gb;

IPhone 12promax: 128GB about 7699 yuan, 256gb about 8299 yuan, 512gb about 9699 yuan.