Oil spill pollutes environment in Mauritius

 Oil spill pollutes environment in Mauritius

According to reports, the Japanese aid team put forward the above-mentioned plan at the meeting of the government of Mauritius in late August, and also said that it would remove the fallen leaves covered with oil. It is expected that the actual operation will be carried out by enterprises entrusted by the government of Mauritius, but it is said that it is up to the relevant authorities in the country to decide whether to adopt the scheme.

According to the Japanese Ministry of environment, it is difficult to use high-pressure cleaners or chemicals to remove fuel oil in order to avoid negative effects on red tree roots and ecosystems. Experts of the aid team tried to use the felt to wipe by manual operation in the local area, and confirmed the effectiveness.

According to the report, due to the Mauritian governments request to investigate the impact of fuel on wildlife, Japan also considered sending more experts familiar with wild birds.

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