At least 12 suspects have been arrested in Mong Kok, Hong Kong

 At least 12 suspects have been arrested in Mong Kok, Hong Kong

At about 19 PM, police officers raised a blue flag at Citibank on Nathan Road to warn those on the scene of illegal activities. At 20:00 p.m., someone raised the anti revisionist law gesture, and the police raised the purple flag to warn the people present that they might violate the Hong Kong National Security Law.

According to previous reports by Hong Kong media, the blue warning flag raised by the Hong Kong police is aimed at illegal assembly and illegal processions, warning people gathered at the scene to disperse in real time. If people still gather and stay, the police will disperse and arrest them by force. After the implementation of the national security law of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong police have added a new purple warning flag. The flag reads: this is a warning issued by the police. If you display flags or banners / shout slogans / or other acts, you have the intention of splitting the country or subverting the state power. It may constitute a crime under the Hong Kong national security law. You may be arrested or prosecuted..

In the evening, the police again issued a paper saying that since the late evening, there was a crowd gathering and shouting at the port au Prince railway station near Nathan Road. At least five persons were charged by summons in connection with the prevention and control of diseases (Prohibition of group gathering) Regulation and the prevention and control of diseases (wearing masks) regulation respectively.

Police call on the crowd to stop assembling and leave immediately. Members of the public should not participate in any unauthorized or prohibited group gathering. The Police strongly condemn any irresponsible and reckless conduct of public health. The police will continue to enforce the law strictly and decisively and will not tolerate any illegal activities.

Later, the police issued an article saying that at about 20 pm, a crowd gathered and clamored in Mong Kok. Some people once walked out of xiyangcai South Street and blocked the road with several ice cream cones. Police issued many warnings at the scene, and decisively took action to disperse and arrest.

Police will not tolerate any illegal violence and warn the assembled people to disperse immediately. The police will act decisively in response to the situation at the scene and will never appease criminals.

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