Womens online shopping skirt wrapped in paper money source mystery buyer alarm

 Womens online shopping skirt wrapped in paper money source mystery buyer alarm

On August 31, Mr. Tong, the womans boyfriend, told the surging newsuff08 www.theppaer.cn uff09His girlfriend, Ms. Wang, received an express delivery of the purchased skirt on the 29th. After unpacking, she found a stack of yellow paper money placed between the two skirts.

Mr. Tong said that the express delivery was complete when they received it and had not been opened. The number on the inquiry express bill also showed that it was the first time that the express bill was printed. So it can be ruled out that the express was unsealed, that is to say, no one has been tampering with the delivery.

Mr. Tong told surging news that they had called the police station on August 30. According to the alarm receipt provided by Mr. Tong, the Dalong police station of Panyu branch of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau has registered for acceptance of the above-mentioned report. Mr. Tong said that at present, the police have not informed them of the latest situation. Previously, the police had suggested that they take legal channels.

Mr. Tong said that at about 19:00 on the 31st, he communicated with the seller for a refund. At present, 1522 yuan spent on buying the skirt has been fully refunded. On the same day, the seller confirmed to the surging news that they had already refunded the buyer and the skirt was still left on the buyers side for the convenience of police evidence collection.

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Two young girls bought sky high goods, a pair of underpants 1500 yuan and a lipstick 7600 yuan.

If you want to know what brand of underwear and lipstick are so expensive, todays Xiaobian will popularize it. This is the online shopping refund brand.

1500 yuan underwear

If there is a quality problem, the conscience merchant will refund the money voluntarily

The claim money has not arrived, but transferred out more than 1500 yuan

Customer service indicates that their transfer shows unsuccessful, allowing Xiao Qin to borrow 500 yuan from Alipays reserve fund, leaving a 199 yuan settlement fund, transferring the remaining 301 yuan to the companys account provided by the other party, and telling her that she will turn off her reserve fund in the background.

After the successful transfer, Xiaoqins Alipay reserve fund was not turned off. In order to solve the problem thoroughly, customer service asked the companys financial department to contact her with QQ. Finance understands that Alipay, which is used by Xiaoqin, is not all I own (Xiao Qin uses his mothers Alipay), guides him to transfer the remaining 199 yuan to the bank card under my name, and transfers the 1263.07 yuan to the companys account.

At this time, the celery has been around a little dizzy, also did not think much, directly in accordance with the other side said the operation. When Xiaoqin still said that the reserve fund was not closed, the financial department sent a screen capture of the system display card list in the background, so that Xiao Qin could wait patiently, and said that the background could log in smoothly after 1 hour.

Xiao Qin and financial chat record

But only half an hour later, Xiao Qin found that she had been pulled black. At this time, she woke up and thought that she should have been cheated, so she quickly called the police to Gongshu Banshan police station.

Xiao Qin calls the police

7600 yuan lipstick


The reasons of swindlers in online shopping refund fraud

It will come in various forms

We mishandled you and set it up as a wholesaler account. You will deduct 500 yuan from your Alipay every month. Do you need to cancel this business?

The XX you bought has excessive formaldehyde, leading to skin allergy, you need a refund.

If the lead and mercury in XX you buy exceeds the standard, it will cause cancer. We will give you double compensation when we take back the goods.

The express truck is on fire and your package is burning. We are from the express company. We want to give you a refund.

So dont believe it

Police alert

Dont be credulous when you receive the online shopping refund call or SMS. Please keep alert and contact the seller from the official channel for confirmation. When handling the online shopping refund, please initiate the operation on the official website or the official app. If you are cheated, please call the 110 alarm call or go to the local dispatch office for alarm.

Ms. Zhou of Anhui Province recently added a so-called customer service in her circle of friends. She can buy fruits online for 9.9 yuan. She can not only pay on delivery, but also try to eat and then pay. It was supposed to be a happy thing, but it lost 14000 yuan in the end. How can preferential fruit turn into bitter fruit in the end? Not long ago, the police uncovered the scam behind this.

Cheap fruit for 9 yuan and 9 yuan

Lead to 8 million yuan of friends circle fraud!

Victim Ms. Zhou

Victim Ms. Zhou

Wechat chat record

Wechat chat record

Foreign exchange platform

Wechat chat record

Tang Tianxiang, leader of Chengguan responsible area, criminal investigation team, Ningguo Public Security Bureau, Anhui Province

Ms. Peng from Changsha

A supermarket named the life hall of Xiang Fei is the network where Zhang, the main criminal of the case, receives and delivers the goods. It is also a dens for the processing and storage of slimming pills.

Xiangfei life hall

Arrest scene

Weight loss products

Fake diet drug gang

Slimming medicine production platform

Seized weight loss products

After investigation, the amount of money involved in the case reached more than 40 million yuan. The suspect Liu and others have been detained by Changsha police. At present, the case is still under further investigation.

Chen Xue, deputy director of law enforcement inspection division of Changsha market supervision and Administration Bureau, Hunan Province

Half an hour observation

Nowadays, all kinds of online shopping platforms are in short supply. We are used to this online shopping method of delivering goods to the door. However, while enjoying the convenience of online shopping, we should be more careful of the fraud traps in online shopping.

Police remind you, to enhance the safety awareness of the network, online shopping should not be greedy for small cheap, must pay attention to the choice of regular online shopping platform, do not easily open a stranger sent the URL link. In addition, we must pay attention to keep transaction records, call records, conversation screenshots and other evidence. In case of online shopping fraud, call the police for help in time.

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