Tsai ing Wen made a big mistake: ten counties and cities in Taiwan have declared autonomy

 Tsai ing Wen made a big mistake: ten counties and cities in Taiwan have declared autonomy

Taiwan people protested against the release of American pigs and cattle. Source: Taiwan media

On August 30, in response to the DPP authorities opening up to the import of American pigs and cattle (including clenbuterol), about 10 counties and cities in Taiwan revised the food safety autonomy regulations to prohibit lean meat products from entering the local market, otherwise the maximum fine of 200 million (NT $46.76 million, the same below) was imposed.

According to Taiwan media reports, according to the plan of the DPP authorities, the policy will be officially launched in January 2021. However, after Tsai ing Wen announced the news, the counties and cities in the island immediately took boycott measures to strengthen the relevant provisions in the food safety autonomy regulations before the DPP authorities.

At present, all counties and cities, including Taipei, Taichung, Taoyuan, Changhua, Yilan, Zhuxian, Jiashi and Yunlin counties, have stipulated zero detection of clenbuterol in pork, and offenders will be severely punished. Among them, Taichung City has a maximum fine of 200 million yuan and can be continuously punished; in Jiayi City, the fine range is set at 60000-200 million yuan.

Why do these County mayors face the DPP authorities? In addition to political parties, what is more important is that the mayors of these counties have a deep public opinion foundation behind the prohibition of American pigs and cattle (including clenbuterol).

According to a survey by Taiwan United News netizens, more than 90% of the islands netizens said that they resolutely do not buy or eat American pigs and cattle. According to the opinion poll of the pan green camps Meili Island electronic news, even if Taiwan can sign the so-called trade agreement (FTA) with the United States in exchange for opening up American pigs and cattle, 73.7% of the Taiwan people are against it; what is worth noting is that the opposition rate of the pan green people is as high as 64.1%. In other words, opposing the opening up of American pigs and cattle is not only the blue and green consensus, but also the Taiwan consensus.

Hong Xiuzhu, former chairman of the KMT, criticized that in the past, the DPP opposed to opening up the import of American pigs and cattle. It not only insisted on zero detection, but also refused to even allow 10ppb. Now that the DPP is in full power, it has changed its mouth in line with the 10 ppb allowance stipulated by the international food code (Codex). How is this 10ppb different from the 10ppb when the KMT was in power?

When the DPP was out of office, a number of politicians still kept their voices against American pigs and cattle. For example, Tsai ing ing Wen once asked Ma Dang bureau to restart negotiations with the United States in order to refuse clenbuterol, and said that if you cant do it, you will step down; but now Chen Qimai, who has regained the throne of mayor of Kaohsiung through a series of divine operations, put down his harsh words at that time, claiming that the day when the lean meat essence pork is imported is definitely the time for the leader (referring to Ma Yingjiu) to step down.

In addition, Lai Qingde, the current deputy leader of Taiwan region, Xiao Meiqin, Taiwans representative to the United States, Lin Jialong, Minister of transportation of Taiwan authorities, Huang weizhe, mayor of Tainan, pan mengan, Pingdong county magistrate, and others repeatedly reiterated their opposition to the import of us pigs and cattle (including lean meat essence) on many occasions from various angles.

At that time, these DPP politicians not only regarded the opening up of American pigs and cattle as a food safety issue that harmed the health of Taiwan people, but also elevated it to a major economic and international political issue that damaged the rights and interests of farmers in the island and Taiwans food sovereignty.

In June 2012, the Democratic Progressive Partys Legislative Yuan Party group even occupied the rostrum for five days and four nights, displaying slogans such as anti drug cattle, anti betrayal, anti deception, opposing the opening of lean meat essence, and supporting Taiwan pig & cattle.

But can the DPPs contradictory double standard approach really win FTA? In fact, even Tsai ing Wen has no idea. It is understood that Tsai ing ing Wen said at dinner that after the opening up of American pigs and cattle, Taiwan and the United States will not necessarily be able to sign a free trade agreement (FTA). But she said it was the first step in launching bilateral trade talks.

In the final analysis, the Democratic Progressive Party authorities rashly opened up the problematic American pigs and cattle, which not only violated the public opinion on the island, but also failed to obtain any commitment from the United States. Many scholars on the island have said that it is against common sense to abandon the key negotiation issues directly. For Taiwan, the Taiwan US FTA or BTA (bilateral trade agreement) is still a distant rainbow.

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