From September, Simao airport will open a number of routes

 From September, Simao airport will open a number of routes

The route from Puer to Wenshan to Chongqing will be opened on September 1, three times a week

In the development of new routes in Yunnan Province, China Airlines is particularly outstanding. Since July this year, China Airlines has arranged a number of routes for the vast number of passengers, making it more convenient for Yunnan people to travel to Yunnan. According to Puer Simao airport, on September 1, Huaxia Airlines will open a route from Puer to Wenshan to Chongqing, which will run three times a week (March, may and seventh), and one flight from Puer to Wenshan every day. Puer tea and Chongqing hot pot wonderful match, only this flight!

Chongqing, a city that cannot be copied. This is Chinas first net red city, 8D magic traffic, people all over the world are scrambling to punch in. Jiefangbei is one of the most famous landmarks and the most prosperous area in Chongqing; Chaotianmen square, one of the ancient city gates of Chongqing, is the largest waterway passenger terminal and the intersection of the two rivers; before the 1980s, xiahao block has always been a busy street on the South Bank of the Yangtze River, full of the taste of urban life; in Ciqikou Ancient Town, step on the Qingshiban Road, have a taste Qings authentic snacks, or find a tea house to sit down, feel the local conditions and customs of Chongqing. Chongqing hot pot and brown sugar Ciba are the best match. After eating the hot pot, you can order it again. The skin is crispy and the inside is soft. With brown sugar juice, it is perfect.

The route from Puer to Wenshan was opened on September 1, with one flight per day

After the opening of the route on September 1, the 7-hour ground transportation time from Puer to Wenshan will be shortened to 1 hour and 20 minutes of direct flight, providing a fast and convenient way for passengers from both places. It is understood that from September 1 to 3, Huaxia Airlines will launch a promotion price for the route from Puer to Wenshan, with a one-way fare of 300 yuan per person.

Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, known as the Yunnan Guangxi corridor, is the only autonomous prefecture with Zhuang and Miao as the main ethnic groups in China. Its unique geographical environment and profound historical background have created the colorful ethnic cultural resources in Wenshan. The national intangible cultural heritage project Poya love song is like the sound of nature. The traditional festivals such as March 3rd Festival of Zhuang nationality, Huashan Festival of Miao nationality, Torch Festival of Yi nationality and King Pan Festival of Yao nationality embody the passion of original and modern blending.

When you get to Wenshan, you must go to the chutunan family, the biggest celebrity in Wenshan; when you go to Wenshan, you must have a taste of Sanqi steam pot chicken; when you are in Wenshan, you must go to Yanshan to experience Yi embroidery, Xianzi dance and Shendeng dance; when you come to Wenshan, you must go to Puzhehei in Qiubei, a romantic place with peach blossom for three generations and ten li, which is a collection of plateau landscape, pastoral scenery and ethnic groups In one, it is praised by experts as the rare and unique karst landscape and pastoral scenery in China.

During the opening of the new ring air route in Yunnan Province, Huaxia Airlines also launched an extra value 1299 yuan package ticket activity in Yunnan Province, with unlimited number of free travel packages from July to the end of October. Passengers can purchase tickets through the official website of China Airlines, Ctrip, qunar, Tongcheng, tuniu, meituan and other online ticketing platforms and offline ticket outlets.

Direct flight from Puer to Shanghai

In addition to opening a number of ring routes in the province, Simao airport will also plan to open two routes outside the province this year. The leading airlines are China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines.

On September 3, China Southern Airlines will open a route from Puer to Nanning to Shenzhen. On the basis of the route from Puer to Nanning to Guangzhou, enrich the Pearl River Delta tourists to visit Yunnan and Puer. The flight time is Simao (15:50) - Nanning - Shenzhen (20:00), Shenzhen (10:40) - Nanning - Simao (15:00). The flight is held every Thursday, which will greatly facilitate the travel of passengers from three places.

It is understood that in October this year, Simao airport will open a number of heavy-duty routes, including the highly concerned puer-shanghai direct flight, which will save the time cost of stopping in Kunming and make it more convenient for tourists from the two places to visit each other. The route will be operated by China Eastern Airlines.

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