The Indian military said it blocked the PLAs military activities and the Foreign Ministry responded

 The Indian military said it blocked the PLAs military activities and the Foreign Ministry responded

China Daily: last week, you introduced Chinas dispatch of anti epidemic medical expert team to South Sudan. We note that the expert group has finished its work in South Sudan and arrived in Guinea. Can you give us an update?

Thank you for your continuous attention to the China anti epidemic medical expert group. The expert group has arrived in Guinea for a 10 day exchange visit. The expert group was set up by the National Health Commission of China and selected by Anhui Health Commission, with a total of 8 experts.

The expert group visited the China Guinea Friendship Hospital in Conakry, the capital of Guinea, on the 29th, to hold discussions and exchanges with relevant experts of the hospital, and to introduce Chinas anti epidemic experience. Tolno, President of the China Guinea Friendship Hospital, welcomed the expert group, expressed his gratitude to the Chinese government and people for their selfless help in Guineas anti epidemic efforts, and looked forward to learning from Chinas experience in fighting the epidemic. In the next few days, the expert group will continue to carry out in-depth exchanges with the local medical and health departments, actively share the experience of anti epidemic through investigation and visit, discussion, training and guidance, and help improve the local response capacity.

China will continue to stand firmly together with Guinea and other African countries to fight the epidemic and win the final victory of this campaign as soon as possible.

The political director general meeting of the Joint Commission on the comprehensive agreement on Irans nuclear issue will be held in Vienna from August 31 to September 1. The participants of the comprehensive agreement will assess the current situation of the Iranian nuclear issue, review the implementation of the comprehensive agreement, and coordinate the next steps. The head of the Department of arms control of the Ministry of foreign affairs will lead a delegation to attend the meeting.

The United States unilaterally withdrew from the comprehensive agreement and took a series of unilateral illegal measures in spite of the general opposition of the international community, which led to the continuous tension in the Iranian nuclear situation, and the comprehensive agreement was at the key node. China hopes that all parties will take this joint commission as an opportunity to further firmly safeguard the consensus on the comprehensive agreement and faithful implementation of Security Council resolution 2231, properly handle differences in implementation within the framework of the Joint Commission, coordinate and cope with current challenges, and continue to promote the political settlement process of the Iranian nuclear issue.

Reporter: can the foreign ministry confirm that the restrictions mean tiktok needs to obtain the relevant license to reach an acquisition agreement with the U.S. company? The new regulations on technology export issued by China include the technology for byte hopping used on tiktok platform. Is this intended to supervise the sale of tiktoks U.S. business under consideration?

Do you mean that the Ministry of Commerce, together with the Ministry of science and technology, formulated, adjusted and published a catalogue of technologies that are prohibited or restricted from export?

The Ministry of Commerce has released news on relevant issues. The person in charge of the Department of service and trade of the Ministry of Commerce answered questions raised by reporters on the adjustment of the release catalogue, stressing that the main purpose of releasing the relevant technology catalogue is to standardize the management of technology export, promote scientific and technological progress and foreign economic and technological cooperation, and safeguard national economic security. Please refer to the Chinese authorities for details on how to implement the technical catalogue.

I will not comment on the specific operation of the enterprise. Relevant enterprises have published relevant information, you can check. China has made it clear on many occasions that we are opposed to the United States generalization of the concept of national security, abuse of state power and unreasonable suppression of specific enterprises of other countries. The US sides attempt to take economic bullying and political manipulation against non US enterprises, whether it is government coercion transaction or government forced transaction, is tantamount to extortion. It not only violates the market principles and international rules, but also satirizes the market economy and fair competition principle that the United States has always boasted.

Global Times: it is reported that on August 28, U.S. presidents national security affairs assistant OBrien participated in an interview with the Atlantic Council, a us think tank. He criticized China on Chinas political system, Taiwan related issues, Hong Kong related issues, and the South China Sea, and advocated using the US alliance system to cope with challenges from China and Russia. What is Chinas response to this?

Whether the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics is good or not, the Chinese people are the most clear and have the most say. It is impossible for us politicians to tell us what to do. As the largest trading partner of more than 130 countries and regions, whether Chinas development is an opportunity or a threat to the world is self-evident from the fact that countries actively strengthen exchanges and cooperation with China. On the contrary, the United States withdraws from the group and breaks the treaty at will, and will apply international law if it is not in accordance with it, which will seriously damage international equity and justice and global peace, stability and development. As a matter of fact, the international community is absolutely clear about the US politicians attempts to spread rumors about China, exaggerate Chinas threat, and try to tie other countries into the anti Communist and Anti China chariot, and will not buy it at all.

Phoenix Satellite TV: a delegation led by the president of the Czech Senate is on a visit in Taiwan. In response, State Councilor and foreign minister Wang Yi said that the Chinese government and the Chinese people will never let it go and let them pay a heavy price for their short-sighted behavior and political speculation. What measures will China take in response?

We urge the relevant Czech parties to take immediate measures to eliminate the bad influence of this erroneous act and avoid damaging the overall situation of China Czech bilateral relations. We also warn the Taiwan authorities and the Anti China forces behind the manipulation of westkill that their actions will not change the fact that Taiwan is an inseparable part of China. Any attempt to engage in political manipulation and create Taiwan independence separatist activities will not succeed.

Kyodo News Agency: the Indian military has just released a message saying that the Indian army has blocked the military activities of the Chinese peoples Liberation Army in the eastern region of Ladakh. Can you confirm that?

Chinas border forces have always strictly followed the actual line of control and never crossed the line. The border defense forces of the two countries have always maintained communication on the field issues.

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India claims to stop PLA military activities on the border? Foreign ministry response (source: video synthesis)

Beijing Daily: US Secretary of state pompeio tweeted on the 29th that too much of the Chinese Communist Partys economy is based on a wanton disregard of air, land and water quality. The Chinese people and the world should be treated better. China is responsible for nearly 30% of global plastic pollution and is the largest emitter of mercury, marine waste and greenhouse gases. What is Chinas response to this?

Mr. pompeio should look into the mirror and ask himself why the United States withdrew from the Paris Agreement?

The Chinese government attaches great importance to environmental protection, integrates the construction of ecological civilization into the five in one overall layout of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, takes a good ecological environment as the most universal well-being of the peoples livelihood, vigorously promotes green, low-carbon and sustainable development, and deeply implements the three action plans for the prevention and control of air, water and soil pollution, and has achieved remarkable results. At the international level, China has conscientiously fulfilled its obligations under the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change, the Paris Agreement, the Basel Convention and the Minamata Convention on mercury, making positive contributions to global environmental governance.

In contrast, the United States, as the worlds largest cumulative greenhouse gas emissions country, neither ratified the Kyoto Protocol nor withdrew from the Paris Agreement, denied its own binding quantitative emission reduction task, and completely divorced from the global carbon emission system and arrangements, which seriously hindered the global emission reduction and promotion of green and low-carbon development and other related processes. At the same time, as the worlds largest exporter of solid waste and a big plastic consumer per capita, the United States neither ratified the Basel Convention, but also set obstacles to the global governance process of plastic waste, and transferred a large amount of waste waste to developing countries, which brought great harm to the local and global environment. I think its clear to you who is recklessly ignoring the global environment and peoples health.

Are you talking about submarines? I havent seen the report yet. Since it is a military report, I suggest you ask the competent authorities.

Reporter: you said that the border forces of China and India maintain contact. Are the two sides holding talks to resolve their differences?

China and India have maintained close communication through diplomatic departments and military channels. As for the specific meetings and talks, if there is any news, we will release them in time.

After the meeting, a reporter asked: Recently, the US media reported that the Chinese army has sent overseas students to study in the United States to conceal their military identity, and many people have been arrested for visa fraud this year. The Chinese Embassy and consulate in the United States helped the above-mentioned personnel evade the judicial investigation in the United States and assisted them to return home. The Chinese Consulate General in Houston was asked to close down in connection with this. What is Chinas comment on this?

For some time, the US side has used judicial power to arbitrarily harass and interrogate Chinese students studying in the United States, or even fabricate charges to arrest and prosecute them. A number of Chinese students were harassed by US law enforcement officers for a long time when they left the US airport. Their mobile phones, computers and other items were arbitrarily checked and even detained. The above-mentioned evil acts of the United States seriously infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese students studying in the United States, and seriously damage the normal people to people exchanges and educational cooperation between China and the United States. We urge the US side to immediately correct its mistakes, not to make up excuses to excuse itself, and to stop its discriminatory behavior against Chinese students studying abroad. China will continue to take all necessary measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens.

On the unilateral request of the US side for China to close its Consulate General in Houston, China has repeatedly expressed its solemn position. I would like to emphasize once again that Chinese diplomatic and consular institutions and personnel in the United States have always performed their duties in the United States in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations, the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and the Sino US Consular treaty, so as to promote Sino US friendship and cooperation. All kinds of excuses made by the US side are untenable and can not cover up the fact that the United States has seriously violated international law and the basic norms of international relations and seriously damaged Sino US relations. We urge the US side to stop slandering and discrediting Chinese diplomatic and consular institutions and personnel in the United States, earnestly fulfill the obligations of safeguarding the treaty and the Sino US Consular treaty, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese diplomatic and consular institutions and personnel in the United States. China will continue to take proper and necessary measures to safeguard national interests and dignity.