Re investigation of Hegangs cabbage house price: a small increase of 2 million houses disappeared

 Re investigation of Hegangs cabbage house price: a small increase of 2 million houses disappeared

According to a recent survey conducted by upstream news (micro signal: shangyounews), after Hegang became popular due to the cabbage price event, the second-hand house price has maintained a small upward trend, with an average price of 1904 yuan / square meter in November 2019 and 2375 yuan / square meter in March 2020.

It is understood that in Hegang, the second-hand houses with a total price of less than 100000 yuan are more common in the local area, and there is a large-scale reduction of about 45000 yuan of houses. There are basically no houses with cabbage prices of less than 20000 yuan as mentioned on the Internet. In addition, outsiders have returned to rationality in purchasing houses in Hegang. Although there are many consultation calls, there is little turnover. The main force of purchasing houses is still local people in Hegang.

In Hegang, many residential areas are full of house sales information. Photographer / upstream journalist Zhang Ying

Hegang City in Heilongjiang Province was famous for its rich coal resources. Once again, the edge of this small town is remarkable because of the price of housing. A year ago, Hegang cabbage price room triggered a heated discussion.

Xiao Wang, an employee of a local real estate brokerage company, told upstream news reporters: in the past, our work was particularly difficult, and we couldnt deal with a few sets every month. House buyers were mainly concentrated in Hegang, or from the towns around Hegang. There were also some young people who bought marriage houses, but many of them were for the elderly to provide for the elderly.

Until April 2019, the local real estate market suddenly took a dramatic turn. Some netizens said that Hegang, the fourth tier city in Heilongjiang Province, saw a cabbage price: a suite sold for 19000 yuan. As soon as this post came out, it immediately triggered a heated discussion, and foreign buyers came to Hegang to buy houses live.

The phone rings from morning to night, up to 300 calls a day. Xiao Wang introduced that the telephone and wechat are constantly consulting foreign buyers, and they must be equipped with a power bank. In April 2019, the trading volume of Xiaowang in that month has exceeded the previous half years performance.

But such a good performance, only maintained for half a month. After half a months fire, the heat is gradually gone. In fact, it is not realistic to buy a suite of 20000 yuan. Many foreign buyers found a huge gap with the expectation after consulting, so they gave up the idea of buying a house in Hegang. Another real estate brokerage company employee Xiao Li introduced.

Now, a year later, the local property market has returned to calm. According to a number of local real estate agents, at present, most of the buyers are still Hegang local people. After the outbreak, there were more young people planning to buy a marriage room and parents who bought school district housing for the second half of the year.

In Hegang, most of the low-priced shed houses are 7-storey buildings. As there is no elevator, the old people are tired of climbing, so no one wants to buy them at low prices. Photographer / upstream journalist Zhang Ying

Second hand housing market is uneven, the price gap is very large

With this question, recently upstream journalists came to Hegang, a small city in Heilongjiang Province. Walking on the streets of Hegang, you can find that the roadside telegraph poles and bulletin boards in the community are covered with floor by floor house selling information. The reporter found that the local second-hand housing market is mixed, and the house prices are very different. There are not only rich peoples areas with 5000 or 6000 yuan per square meter, but also shed houses with hundreds of yuan.

There are many factors affecting the house price, such as floor, location, supporting facilities and so on. Even if it is adjacent to the two neighborhoods, there is a big difference in house prices. For example, the average price of the local Hubin community is 1885 yuan / square meter, but the total price of one set of two bedrooms with 70 square meters listed for sale is only about 70000 yuan. The new century square, which is close to the community, has an average price of more than 2000 yuan.

At the same time, there are also some high-end residential areas in Hegang City, with complete supporting facilities and high greening rate. The total price of a set of three bedrooms ranges from 600000 to 800000 yuan, and the unit price has exceeded 6000 yuan.

It is understood that the previously concerned cabbage price house source, the lowest unit price is only 400 yuan / m2, but most of these houses are local shed change resettlement houses, with low housing quality, which are generally blank houses or simple decoration. In addition, even for the same shed resettlement project, the house price is also affected by factors such as floor and location. Low price housing is located in the 7-storey or cold mountain location, and the current shed to change housing can not apply for real estate certificate.

Previously, Zang Fuqiang, deputy director of Hegang housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, responded in an interview: low price housing also exists, but the area is remote or top floor. The average price of commercial housing is about 3083 yuan per square meter, and the second-hand house in urban area is about 2700 yuan per square meter. In some remote areas, it is about 1500-2000 yuan per square meter. The overall average price should be about 2450 yuan.

Second hand house prices keep rising slightly

Aili Jiayuan, near Hegang No.2 detention center, is also a shed house. Because of the convenient transportation and high greening rate, the house price keeps rising. The residents told reporters that their family moved to the community three years ago due to demolition. When they were just divided down, it was about 700 yuan. Now its a good place, and the house price has doubled. According to its introduction, there are many foreigners who have bought houses in the community.

Net outflow of population, lack of main force in purchasing houses

According to a local developer in Hegang, after the demolition, the people have several apartments in their hands, and the house prices are naturally low due to the inventory of real estate. In addition, some people take advantage of the opportunity to speculate in real estate. After hearing the news of demolition, they hoard land and houses. After demolition, they can get more than a dozen houses. As a result, a large number of low-priced houses appear, and the market is affected. According to its introduction, in recent two years, Hegang almost no new property. The reporter inquired about a second-hand house trading platform and found that there are 5 newly-built buildings in Hegang City, of which 4 are existing houses for sale, most of which have been delivered for nearly 5 years.

Another reason is that the local talent drain is caused by low housing prices. The real estate agent told reporters: most of the buyers are old people or looking after children for their children. It is inconvenient to go upstairs and downstairs, so most of the high-rise buildings are sold at low prices. There are few young people in Hegang. Most of them go to nearby Jiamusi city or Harbin to study and work, and they are just the main force of purchasing houses.

At the same time, Hegang City population outflow is obvious. Since 2010, Hegang population has been declining for seven consecutive years. In 2017, Hegangs population has dropped to 1.009 million, with 617000 permanent residents. According to the statistical yearbook of Heilongjiang Province, the registered population of Hegang City was 1.109 million in 1997, increased to 1.1126 million in 2001, and then went down all the way. By 2017, there were a total of 99500 people reduced.

From 2010 to 2016, Hegang and Yichun were the third cities with the most serious loss of primary school students in China, with a decrease rate of 44%. The number of primary school students in Hegang decreased from 50000 in 2010 to 27900 in 2016.

Live broadcast selling house after Guangzhou boy settled in Hegang

It is more than 3800 kilometers from Guangzhou to Hegang, almost half of China.

In early October 2019, Zheng Qian, a post-90s boy, went to Hegang from Guangzhou and bought a house of his own for 50000 yuan. On August 28, Zheng Qian told upstream news reporters: this is the first time I have come to Northeast China. In the winter of 2019, it is also the first time I see snow.

In the winter of 2019, Zheng Qian skied for the first time, saw ice sculptures for the first time, and spent the Spring Festival in a foreign land for the first time. Thousands of kilometers away from his hometown, he felt the poetic flavor of Hegang.

After settling down in Hegang, Zheng Qian often posted videos of his life in Hegang and the urban landscape of Hegang on the social platform. One of the videos, throwing boiling water in the snow, won him 20 million views and many fans consulted.

At first, Zheng Qian only helped fans who needed to buy a house. Slowly, Zheng Qian simply started his own real estate agent, and made use of his own live broadcast advantages and relationships to recommend housing. Since the middle of this year, foreign buyers have come to Hegang one after another to see the house, buyers only need to come twice, I am responsible for other procedures to help them do well. Zheng Qian said. At present, through Zheng Qian transaction of real estate has dozens of sets, now he almost every day to receive visitors from other places. In June this year, a Guangdong buyer bought six properties in Hegang through Zheng Qian.

At present, the income of online stores and real estate agents is enough to maintain Zhengs living expenses. He told upstream news reporters that the high-speed railway station in Hegang was quickly repaired, and the traffic would be more convenient in the future. He wanted his family to come here to have a look.

On August 30, Zheng Qian released a new dynamic in the circle of friends: do transfer procedures every day, there is no time to live.

Although recent achievements are gratifying, Zheng Qian has his own analysis. He said that his social platform has more than 200000 fans, and his long-term accumulation of trust is high. During the epidemic period, many house buyers were unable to come to Hegang, and the accumulated turnover was not so much until June. His own performance can not represent the Hegang real estate market. Generally speaking, the upsurge of foreigners to buy houses in Hegang has subsided, the turnover is not large, and the main force of purchasing houses is Hegang local people.

At present, Hegang does not have a house with a cabbage price of less than 20000 yuan as mentioned on the Internet, but compared with the first tier cities, the house price is still very low. If young people from other places want to choose a place to live, they should be more rational. Zheng Qian said.

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