Several men running naked on the street in Changsha

 Several men running naked on the street in Changsha

On the 31st, a staff member of the square told the surging news that the staff of the square had stopped the incident. At present, the incident is being handled by Chaoyang Street police station and is still under investigation. It is inconvenient to disclose more. The staff said the incident has nothing to do with the square..

Is the streaker punished for failing to meet the performance standard? The staff said, nonsense.

According to the screenshot of the website, some people said that the sales volume in August was not up to the standard, and the whole part (gate) was fined to run naked to the computer city for a circle. Online video showed that five men were running near the 3C square in Huahai, and some men covered their private parts with cloth.

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According to the electric shock news report, security stopped the incident and called the police. Relevant units have been involved in the investigation.

In response to the streaking incident, Zhang Xinnian, a lawyer from Beijing Jingshi law firm, said in an interview with the surging news that, according to Article 44 of the law on public security management and punishment, those who molest others or deliberately expose their bodies in public places, and the circumstances are bad, shall be detained for more than 5 days and less than 10 days; if computer information network, telephone and others are used simultaneously in the process of streaking If a communication tool spreads pornographic information such as naked lens, he shall be detained for not less than 10 days but not more than 15 days and may also be fined not more than 3000 yuan in accordance with the provisions of Article 68 of the law on administrative penalties for public security; if the circumstances are relatively minor, he shall be detained for not more than five days or fined not more than 500 yuan; if the circumstances are serious or are suspected of spreading obscene articles, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than two years.

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Recently, eight employees of a company in Nanning, Guangxi, were punished for not finishing their performance in the street. According to former employees of the company, penalties include spanking and streaking, according to the companys former employees, according to the daily on December 16. In response, the companys management personnel responded that it was the group leader who was willing to be punished, but in fact it did not hurt.

Xiao Xiao (pseudonym), a former employee of the company, told reporters: if you dont succeed, you will be punished by spanking, running naked, bitter gourd and mustard... Xiao Xiao said that after being beaten 10 times, he did not dare to go to the company to resign and chose to leave directly. Many people think that the company has a bright future, so they are willing to accept this punishment for the sake of high salary.

The lawyer said that if the corporal punishment is established, the companys behavior has violated the law.

Lawyer Yang Shitong: first of all, it violates the labor law, and then it violates such a provision of the Constitution and other laws and regulations on the protection of personal and property safety. Because the (corporal punishment) behavior infringes on the personal safety of employees, as well as the dignity and privacy rights of employees, these assessment behaviors and relevant rules and regulations are invalid.

Lawyer Yang suggested that employees can refuse to accept such behavior. If the company still requires corporal punishment, employees can report to the relevant labor bureau and Labor Inspection Brigade and ask them to investigate and deal with it.

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