It is said that the father of an African American man shot by American police in Chinese media agreed to be interviewed

 It is said that the father of an African American man shot by American police in Chinese media agreed to be interviewed

This is why Blakes father, who led the protest march on that day, refused to accept any media interview except for the agreed video connection. But when he learned that we were from China, he agreed to talk to us.

Blake father: what countrys media are you?

CCTV reporter Liu Xiaoqian: China.

Blake father: OK, you can ask me questions.

CCTV reporter Liu Xiaoqian: what kind of justice do you want Blake to get?

Blake father: I asked the police to fire the policeman who was at the scene of the crime. I asked for the arrest of the policeman who shot my son for murder. Thats all Im asking for right now.

Blakes family tragedy is no exception. American human rights records show that African Americans are 2.5 times more likely to be shot by the police than white people. The arrest targets of American police are mainly African Americans in poor communities, and they turn a blind eye to the same behavior of white people.

The video showed that after a 17-year-old white youth shot and killed two protestors in the street of Kenosha on the evening of the 25th, the police present at the scene did not immediately take action against him with a rifle, which is in sharp contrast to Blakes experience.

When skin color becomes a group image feature of polices violent law enforcement, American politicians still claim that racial discrimination is an artificial lie.

Nicky Haley, former U.S. permanent representative to the United Nations, said at the Republican Party Congress on August 24: there is a popular saying that there is racial discrimination in the United States. Its a lie. The United States is not a country of racial discrimination.

CCTV reporter Liu Xiaoqian: we have interviewed protests around the United States. Some people say that there is no racial discrimination in the United States. What do you think?

Blakes father: in the history of African Americans, we were abducted to this continent by white people. When they realized that the African American community could not be eliminated, they began to persecute us and create racial discrimination by themselves. Racial discrimination has become a kind of system. It exists in the United States. Dont believe them.

Blakes father stressed in an interview with us that he hoped that the police involved in the incident would be arrested immediately, and that the people would unite to solve the racial problem in the United States. However, just a few minutes later, some people sprayed pepper spray from his face to the crowd. It was hard to see the racial problems and the split atmosphere in the United States being resolved by protest and parade.

Zach Dahl, local organizer of the American Civil Rights Movement: the episode of the attack shows that even if there is any change, African Americans still have a long way to go. Whether its race or police brutality. So every time we take a step forward, we are pushed back. We have been in a state of pulling in and out.

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CCTV exclusive! Father: Id like to be interviewed by Chinese media (source: video synthesis)

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