Li Xiang sends an article to support Wang yuelun: my husband believes that you will always get bad results if you are a villain

 Li Xiang sends an article to support Wang yuelun: my husband believes that you will always get bad results if you are a villain

On August 31, Beijing Xingquan law firm, entrusted by Wang yuelun and Li Xiang, issued an official statement on Wang yueluns infidelity. The statement details the events that happened before and after Wang yueluns drunken incident, saying that it was a conspiracy, but the Bi Dong photos taken were also taken, and Wang yuelun did not know the lady at all.

When Wang yuelun went home, a black Honda was still following him. The situation was broadcast live. Everything was ordered by someone. Wang yuelun and Li Xiang also said that they had the evidence. It is hoped that Wang yueluns infidelity is spread on the Internet, and those who are maliciously slandered will delete the relevant contents in time, otherwise they will be punished by law.

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Wang yuelun (source: Netease Entertainment)

On August 15, Li Xiangs husband Wang yuelun was photographed having dinner with a group of friends in a restaurant. After dinner, he said goodbye to his friends and took two female friends to KTV. During the KTV, Wang yuelun and a female friend in white played wall Dong in the corridor, holding hands, hugging very intimate, but also suspected of kissing.


At more than two oclock in the morning of August 16, Wang yuelun also issued an apology for the intimate action between KTV and women. I deeply regret my gaffe and indiscretion after I had a party with friends last night! To my family caused a lot of harm! Here I deeply remorse and introspection! Hope to be forgiven by my family Also sincerely apologize to the public! At the same time, I also decided to quit drinking, as a proof

This is not the first time that Wang yuelun has been reported cheating. As early as 2018, Wang yuelun was photographed in three places a night and finally spent three hours with a beautiful woman in the hotel.

After that, Wang yuelun clarified that she was a friends girlfriend. She also got a strong support from his wife Li Xiang. She sent a picture and text microblog: even a friends girlfriend cant take my car! rats , screw you!!

Wang yuelun Fang released a lawyers statement saying that the KTV incident was intentional. After Wang yuelun was drunk, Li Xiang took a self portrait for the first time, and was in a good mood with a smile. Li Xiang forgives Wang yuelun and reveals that he was in a bad mood a few days ago. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Han Chong_ NBJ11345