Huang Shengyi: a stupid girl with great ambition.

 Huang Shengyi: a stupid girl with great ambition.

Huang Shengyi posted a micro blog after he was eliminated from the elder sister who rides the wind and waves.

Be honest with the inner waves after losing, and say that no one wants to lose, but you should learn to accept if you lose. She expressed her ambition and more and more recognized her unwillingness.

How to say, this micro blog, I think Huang Shengyi is sincere.

I dont have to search for information carefully. I still remember several famous events that happened to her.

The first is to break the contract with Stephen Chow.

Because, as we all know, Stephen Chow still has a lot of requirements for making films. From one work to the next, the cycle is often very long.

The difference is that Zhang Yuqi has always done things neatly and forthrightly. She also knows what she wants. Therefore, the termination of her contract is very beautiful. I have always felt that Zhang Yuqi is not stupid at all. She is one of the few people whose ambition and ability can match.

Another well-known red carpet fainting incident, frankly speaking, is also the case - Xiang Hong has ambition, but the strength is not matched (this strength is not only the acting and business ability, but also the understanding and operation of the red carpet incident), and finally it is screwed up.

Huang Shengyi has a magical constitution, she can always develop things to a very embarrassing situation.

The most embarrassing is the birth of the actor. Dont you want to perform well? Of course not, because I want to be recognized by the audience, and I want to be remembered all of a sudden, so I put too much force on it.

I was very impressed. Once, she and Andy took the big head stickers. Andy obviously began to resist. However, Huang Shengyi didnt realize that he was still there, posing and playing by himself. He was totally immersed in his imaginary world - the children and she had a good time.

Instead of looking at what Andy really wants in the real world.

You say she doesnt love Andy? Of course not. Many times when she didnt respond to Andy, the audience could see that she was actually thinking about how to please Andy. But the question is, what can please children better than response and company?

u2014u2014Because children are actually very simple, what they want most is the sense of existence in the eyes of adults, and their thinking is also very simple. They will directly understand the non response of adults as dislike.

If you have seen the program mom is Superman, compare Huo Siyan with uh huh, you will know that Huo Siyan is a real person (commendatory) and is very good at handling other peoples minds. Du Jiangs, uh huhs, including the audiences.

The same is true of sister who wants to be recognized by the audience at the beginning. Huang Shengyi, wearing such an exaggerated skirt, is not she trying to show her talent and expression?

Take a look at Zhang Yuqi. What the audience wants is not hard concave feeling, but real, straight and cool.

Therefore, when I watch this variety show, I always feel that Zhang Yuqi is not stupid, Bai Tian, or tie Han Han. She is smart (I like smart people), so I try to show her most pink side.

The real silly white sweet is Huang Shengyi.

Maybe it has something to do with the environment in which she grew up.

Therefore, what Huang Shengyi lacks most is insight and likable ability. Mingjuan, a humble family, has the ability to make a living. She has never had it.

But the entertainment industry, to tell the truth, is still to make a living.

But do you think this silly white sweet trait is not good at all? Neither.

That is, as time goes on, people will gradually like her from hating her. Huang Shengyi participated in several reality shows. At the beginning, the audience was very upset, but later, somehow, she thought she was cute.

Her clumsiness and simplicity make her not even smart in counterattack or response when she is out of control and frustrated. She feels like she wants to fight seriously, but she cant fight.

Once she lies flat and lets go, the audience will find her charm, which is one of the reasons why Huang Shengyis popularity soared before Huang Shengyi was eliminated.

So, we cant afford to hate her for that simplicity..

Because there are too many smart, mature, sophisticated and skillful people in adulthood, the word simple is becoming more and more difficult.

So even if there is ambition and desire in the simplicity, we will still feel a little pity, because in any case, the simple people in the background are actually easy to deal with and get along with.

Sometimes I even think that girls like Huang Shengyi will be the first choice of many powerful families. Just as for the emperors in the biography of Ruyi, it is easier for Gao Guifei to please and hold a lot more.

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