If I give you my heart, I wont take it back!

 If I give you my heart, I wont take it back!

The children on the stage, the parents and brothers on the stage are more or less embarrassed. Perhaps it is because they are facing the people on the stage and in front of the TV set, or they may be the words from the bottom of my heart that have been in my mind for thousands of times. At the moment when I really want to look at them and say them, I feel some unavoidable fear.

But the lens is a good thing. It makes people more real and braver.

Even, through the scenes of sunshine all over the playground and the breeze blowing up the hair of teenagers, people seem to be back at that simple and sincere age without worldly affairs.


There was a little girl named Zhang Qinxi, whose mother was the only college student in her grandmothers family. Now she is a teacher of ancient literature. She once saw an invitation card from Wuhan University for further study at home, but later found that the card belonged to her mother had been thrown away.

She said to her mother, Im sorry, I used to selfishly want you to accompany me all the time, but I forget that you were once a little girl with a dream. You are an excellent daughter in grandmas eyes. So please bravely pursue your dream, go anywhere you want to go, do anything you want to do, and become the person you want to be.

Once the pride of the family, but now the focus of life on the family. Its hard to say that the invitation card wasnt the mothers dream, but now she said that her daughter was her dream must be serious.

There is also a senior two girl named Liao Zihan. Her parents divorced in her sixth grade, but she found out six months ago that her fathers bedroom had been renovated. In addition to other furniture, there was a new feminine dresser.

The girl said to her father, please give me a chance to get to know this aunt. I sincerely hope you and your mother can find their own happiness. In her tone, there is no complaint and unwilling, but only sensible and understanding.

She said that it was Chen Mings words that made her understand her father, which said: young people often choose to start a marriage because of strong love, but middle-aged people are different. The reason why they choose to open a new relationship is often because they put love at the back. They need more people to accompany them and accompany them Face life.

As adults, before striving for a company, they think more about the measurement and responsibility for their parents.

I heard a saying: parents can never beat their children. Because in the hearts of parents, there is more tolerance and reluctance.

I remember receiving an email from a listener before, he said: when I was filling in the college entrance examination, I told my family that I would go to Shanghai to study at university. The next day, my mother told me: OK, go ahead, we will support you and study hard. After graduating from University, I called home and said that I would like to stay in Shanghai to work. My father was silent for a while on the other end of the phone and said: OK, Shanghai is very good, work well.

Over the years, I have always felt that it is up to me to choose what kind of life I live. Even they have no right to interfere. I used to be impatient because my father frequently calls me on video at any time. But when my mother told me that my father sometimes sat around in the living room after dinner, he would trim his hair, look in the mirror, and then send me a video. Only then did I find that the support and agreement they said at that time could not be easily expressed.

So sometimes I think, maybe parents have never been really convinced by you, they just dont want to see you unhappy, and they are afraid that you will have psychological burden, so they pretend to be indifferent.

Perhaps this is the most cruel and meaningful part of the relationship between parents and their children. When the children grow to a certain age, only when the parents let go can the children fly higher.

Recently, I told my parents that I wanted to move out on my own.

May have always thought of their own independence, but only because they know, no matter when, there is a solid backing behind, so dare to move forward.

In fact, in the past 30 years, I really want to give my parents too much trouble, some stubborn, some willful, but no matter what kind of mistakes they have made, they always try their best to protect themselves and deal with everything properly.

I always think, if we can be earlier, earlier some sensible, can not let them so hard, we owe our parents too much.

Parents should have their own life, even if they are still worried about their children, but at least they can have enough time to love themselves more.

Think of a sentence: we give the heart to others, can not take back, others give others, love will flow in the world.

Maybe one day in the future, we will all have our own children. We hope that we will love him as our parents love us. If we give the love to him, we will not take it back.