Xu Weizhous heart of the sky in midsummer

 Xu Weizhous heart of the sky in midsummer

In the eight episodes of midsummer heart of heaven, Jin Zeyi, played by Xu Weizhou, meets Luo Tianran played by Yang Chaochao by accident. Both of them have left a negative impression on each other because of many misunderstandings. It happens that the new house Jin Zeyi just bought was sold by her girlfriend secretly on her back. They are entangled again because of the house. In order to get rid of the companys control, Jin Zeyi boldly said, Ill hire you to be my wife, and this house will be for you. The contractual marriage between the two started, and the mode of getting along with enemies started.

On the surface, Jin Ze is very simple and childish in his heart. He secretly grieves over the powder falling incident, is afraid of ghosts in the daytime and asks for help at night, pleads for perfection in a dogs nest, takes off his pants and grabs a bed, and is jealous. Xu Weizhous plot is full of laughter. As a male owner, Jin Zeyi certainly has a handsome side. He stealthily spends a lot of money to compensate her for the jewelry she lost. He also helps the girl coax the children in the store to be happy. On her birthday, she specially packs an ice rink to celebrate and teach her skating Jin Zeyi, who is naive and warm-hearted, is as passionate as midsummer, and unconsciously melts the hearts of the hostess and the audience.

Xu Weizhous acting is recognized netizen: hes so funny

At the same time, Xu Weizhous role is also recognized by the audience and netizens: Jin Zeyis role is very three-dimensional, with a complete line of career, family and love. Xu Weizhous performance is very hierarchical and delicate, which makes the character plump at once. Whats more amazing is that Xu Weizhou doesnt seem to be acting every time. He can be integrated into his daily life all of a sudden.

But more is for Xu Weizhou funny evaluation: Xu Weizhou thought that haunted sit up that kind of advice! How funny Its so funny. Xu Weizhou talks like SpongeBob. Its too skinny, too skinny! Jin Zeyi, who took off his pants, was very naive, but it was so funny. Even because the scene of Jin Ze taking off his pants and grabbing the bed is too magical, even Xu Weizhous official studio has published an article to launch the helping Xu Weizhou P pants competition to save the burden of his idol. Fans and netizens burst into inspiration and launched a P-map competition in full swing.

In the latest preview, Jin Zeyi, who makes the audience feel funny, also makes more heart warming moves. He pays attention to the updated heart of the sky in midsummer at 8:00 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday to see how Xu Weizhous Jin Zeyi continues to exude charm and capture the hearts of women.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Hu Mengyao_ NK5655