Yu Fei, the music supervisor of eight hundred: Guan Hu has only two requirements for music

 Yu Fei, the music supervisor of eight hundred: Guan Hu has only two requirements for music

Yu Fei first saw the cut version of the film in the Spring Festival of 2018. The so-called cut version refers to the version arranged one by one according to the time sequence of the movie script. It is nearly twice as long as the public version. The first time I saw it, I cried so much that I felt shocked. Yu Fei said. There is no music, no emotional contrast and montage techniques such as parallel editing to increase the dramatic tension, but Yu Fei is still deeply moved by the plot in the film. In fact, the director has put forward two main requirements for music. One is to devote himself wholeheartedly, not to do it as ordinary money making work; the other is not to highlight a certain character, but to create theme music with 800 soldiers as a group image. Most film music will be created according to different roles in the creation of relevant themes, but eight hundred is a group play, there is no obvious hero in the film, hoping to highlight all the brave 800 soldiers. These characters are cowardly, timid, and growing.

Director Guan Hu, Yu Fei and sound designer Fukang discuss sound music creation together

Eight hundred director Guan Hu, music director Yu Fei (third from right) and other post production personnel

A month later, director Guan Hu was very satisfied after reading the reference music eight hundred, and then the film officially invited the two composers to write. Yu Fei did not cooperate with Guan Hu before. It was the crew who recommended her. The directors mind is very open, and gives me unlimited creative space. The communication between the two people in the film music is very smooth, even the whole late process did not have differences. If the director recognizes your professional ability and music judgment, and he thinks you can bring something new, he will unconditionally choose to trust you and let you freely create. All the communication process is extremely pleasant.

Bocelli was asked to sing in the hope that the world would see this history

The last song of the movie eight hundred was performed by Italian blind tenor Bocelli and Chinese pop star Na Ying. Speaking of this slightly cross-border cooperation, Yu Fei said that at the beginning of the film, he decided to go to sea - not only for the Chinese people to see, but also for the whole world to see the film. In a certain sense, the battle for the protection of the warehouse in the film is a play for foreigners in that special era, which adds chips to diplomatic negotiations. At that time, foreigners did not give us help. Now China has made such films, hoping that more people can see that China is no longer backward and we no longer hope for external forces. Inviting Bocelli, who has performed in the world cup and Olympic Games, to sing the theme song will undoubtedly make the film more international.

At first, I just wanted to use a female version of the final song, because the audience will be very excited just after watching the film. I hope you can calm down. But after the silence, I still hope to bring some hope to the audience and encourage everyone. Obviously, it is not enough to have only one female voice at this time. I hope to have a loud male voice to bring the mood of the audience. Because the film takes place in Suzhou River, across the river there is a dialogue between a soldier and the people. Now we have a cultural dialogue - call for peace. We wanted to bring the theme to more people, so we locked in Bocelli. Although he cant see the world, he has been using his own songs to influence others. If he can influence others with his songs, his heart must be very bright.

Two Hollywood composers heard my motherland from folk opera

Yu Fei and composer in the studio

After entering the stage of music creation, Rupert and Andrew are more admirable for their professionalism: for example, how to play traditional Japanese drums when Japanese attack? How to play Chinese drum? What texture should the drum sound be when the title of eight hundred appears? How should the materials of small percussion instruments and various Japanese drums be interspersed? They all have detailed design and unique consideration.

Composers and musicians study drumming in the studio

It is not difficult for those who are familiar with foreign music to find that the melody of Suzhou Creek is adapted from the Northern Irish folk song Londonderry minor. Why use a foreign folk song as the ending of a Chinese movie? Yu Fei said that in the film, there was a scene in which a soldier played the harmonica in the warehouse. At that time, he played the melody of Londonderry minor. This clip came from the suggestion of the military Consultant: the 88th division was a German mechanical division, and they were greatly influenced by the West. Moreover, they were in Shanghai in 1932 and then stationed in Wuxi and Suzhou, where the culture and education were developed, There are also many missionaries, so they use foreign folk songs to reflect the special identity of the officers and soldiers of the 88th division. Because this melody is used in the film, at the end, I hope to form a echo from the beginning to the end, and use the melody again. At the end of the day, the wind review of Suzhou Creek is also good. The way of chorus at home and abroad has been recognized by netizens at home and abroad, which shows that everyone has a high degree of tolerance. This achieved our original goal - music is borderless, and more people can understand the film and deliver a message of peace.

A good composer is not necessarily a good film composer

Yu Fei had both achievements and regrets when he participated in the production of eight hundred music: all the staff behind the scenes are like eight hundred heroes. Everyone is very dedicated from the beginning to the end, and everyone has played a role in his own post. This time, the music team has more than 200 people. All of them regard this production as their own children, watching it grow up and finally showing such a result.

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