If a girl loves the right person, she will shine

 If a girl loves the right person, she will shine

Pet you, love you, tolerate you, understand you, even used to you, but some girls have asked their boyfriends, if I get fat to 130 kg, will you still want me?

If he loves you, he can do it. No matter how fat you are and how unable to take care of yourself, he will always be with you forever.

So the problem comes, in this kind of love, your boyfriends performance is excellent, everyone will praise a few, your man is really good, envy, jealousy hate.

But you dont look so good. You are spoiled to be lazy, unremitting and at ease. The only thing you can do is your boyfriend.

Of course, its also something to show off.

For example, in the first half of my life, Ma Yili played Luo Zijun. Originally, Chen Junsheng spoiled her like a princess. She wore the best clothes, used the best lipstick, and raised a large family of her family.

But peoples heart changed when they said that they had changed. Luo Zijun, who faced the reality, was once depressed.

Therefore, to find a person who is good for you, it is better to find a person who can make you good. Only when you shine, can you shine on the earth.


There are countless young men and girls have sighed, did not meet the right person at the right time, and then leave a sad.

Therefore, there is no absolutely right person at all. Only when you are right, you must make yourself excellent and become more and more excellent. Only then can you lose your feelings and fate.

Even if you meet an irresponsible, fall in love with him, and finally be hurt by him, but as long as you have the confidence, the degree of injury is different.

Just like in all kinds of divorce cases, those women who are not afraid to divide their family property always speak more forcefully, because whoever she leaves can live a good life.

In this way, if love only makes one person better, and the other has to pay a lot, or even look up a little to get sweet, then this relationship is unhealthy.

I have a good friend, 28 years old. She was also a very Buddhist housemaid. She planned to spend two years and get married. I will have a fixed number in my life.

But his boyfriend disagreed. He thought that she should have something to do and do more to maintain her vitality. So he enrolled in various interest classes for her. After two years, her best friend was full of skills, such as yoga, painting and English, which could be eaten by herself.

So now, if you look at your girlfriends, you will really shine on your face, full of youth and vigor.

This is the model of quality love.

Yang Lan once told many women that you cant succeed, but you cant help growing up.

Even if you are in a very sweet and happy love now, you cant enjoy the comfort too much, not to mention taking precautions, but also to take some responsibility for your own future.

You cant always ask your boyfriend for money every time you want to change a new mobile phone. You cant always plan his salary and savings. One day, hell be bored.

I dont think anyone would like to tell the child that one day, all this is hard earned by your father.


In the TV series the second time is also beautiful, Anan, played by Wang Ziwen, was also a proud little princess before her divorce. She lived a carefree life and could not even cook.

However, soon she met Zhang Luyi as Xu Lang, after falling in love again, Xu Lang didnt spoil her much, instead, he opposed her.

After I found self-confidence, I was quite different from before. I was also open-minded, broad-minded, and relieved of the bad experiences of the past.

And all this is due to her falling in love with a right person again. He no longer treats her as a princess, but helps her to go to a higher starting point in her life.

This kind of love can be called a match, a match made in heaven.

Therefore, girls enjoy love at the same time, must not stop to accept mens gifts, what you need, go to what you earn, including self-esteem.


Author: Feng Xiaoyi