Only love is not enough, fit is more important

 Only love is not enough, fit is more important

After I entered the company, the first person I knew was him, so when I met some questions I didnt understand, I would ask him first, and he would patiently answer for me every time. Over time, he and I got to the right eye, and then we were together.

After we were together, we didnt want others to know about our relationship, so we kept a low profile. Until I left the company, many colleagues knew that we were a couple. He is really a very good person. He used to bring me breakfast every day. No matter how cold the weather is, the breakfast he brings to me is hot. I was really moved by him for countless times, and once thought that he was the person I spent my whole life with.

In our contacts about half a year, we decided to live together. At first, it was really sweet to get along with each other day and night. However, with the passage of time, more and more problems have been exposed. We two have a lot of different living habits, but we have never changed for each other. Slowly, there are more and more contradictions, and finally we end up in a bad mood.

After we broke up, many people were shocked, because they thought that two people were very well matched. Before that, I also thought that, but after the break-up, I realized that only love is not enough, suitable is more important.