Sleep may not have loved, not clear women, have suffered losses

 Sleep may not have loved, not clear women, have suffered losses

Four years ago, they were together for more than a thousand days and nights, and had already had the reality of husband and wife, so this kind of ending is really hurtful.

In his chat record with netizens, he confided in the whole process of this relationship, and there was not a word about love.

Therefore, he would rather talk about online love than with her.

I believe that any couple who has been in love for more than three years and finally broke up again will experience such a thing. After marriage, life has been experienced in advance, and his heart and people have been given to him, but he has not been given the due treasure and love.

Therefore, sleeping is not equal to loving.

From the perspective of male instinct, even if he cant love this girl, it doesnt affect him to fall in love with this girl.


Zhang Ailing said that when a man sees a woman thoroughly, he will not love her any more.

Women, after all, should love more intelligent, otherwise the only loss is their own.


Its not hard to understand a mans feelings.

For example, when they choose to be with someone, it doesnt have to be the person, it may just be the person.

Just as the psychology of love says, when a man is fond of two women at the same time, who he loves more depends on who doesnt love him.

Remove the first love, mens love, often accompanied by conquest and possession.

If one day he grows up and feels tired of playing, he will choose a suitable person to marry. His best love will always stay in the woman he is destined not to get.

Therefore, even if you live together for a long time and live like an old husband and wife, it may not be related to love.

A woman in this regard, on the contrary, if she agrees to advance her married life, it means that her mind is all on this man, supporting him and trusting him.

They will leave their best selves to the present forever.

This misplaced sense of ceremony is just a shackle set by the secular world, which eventually becomes their burden.


People in mature, especially experienced a lot, the expectations of love will be reduced.

The shackles of reality will require everyone to seek a suitable relationship. Both men and women will weigh before marriage what kind of life we will have when we are tied together.

Lovely love does not need to weigh, love is met is met, a glance moved the heart, like to the letter.

So girls fall in love, its silly.

Men dont have such worries. When they meet someone they like, they will pursue boldly. It doesnt matter if they are rejected. Anyway, there are thousands of Chinese people. We cant change this.


Even if we are together, we should first cultivate our emotional foundation and then make further actions. We should not deliver ourselves too early.

Unless you think, it doesnt matter. He took advantage of it, and I didnt lose.

But what is the meaning of such love?

I think so. Its a long time for two people to live together for a lifetime. Out of the attitude of being responsible for their feelings, they should know more about each other and know the advantages and disadvantages of each other. On this basis, they can continue to love each other, so that they can really grow old together.

Dont wait for a loss to find that the other party did not really love themselves, but just met me such a person.


Author: Feng Xiaoyi, write sober words, live a simple life