279 days after his divorce from Li Xiaolu, Jia Nailiang knelt down in the studio and cried bitterly: adults, face is for dogs!

 279 days after his divorce from Li Xiaolu, Jia Nailiang knelt down in the studio and cried bitterly: adults, face is for dogs!

The live broadcast attracted 50 million people and brought 240 million sales. He was so excited that he knelt down.

Seeing this, many netizens immediately changed into lemonade

As for it?

Its just a little more than your ex-wife Li Xiaolu.

Its so humble to kneel down for money?!


However, as a person who watched the live broadcast from the beginning to the end, everyone saw Jia Nailiangs dedication, dedication and hard work in this live broadcast.

A big man, on his lips for female fans mouth red number, vowed to compare Li Jiaqi.

All kinds of fancy rope skipping are just coming. They sweat like rain and never stop.

It doesnt matter if you are devoted to tasting delicious food and being called made by netizens.

In order to mobilize the atmosphere, even the small magic wand of Barabba was also supported.

Even more, he appealed to the fans: the golden cup and silver cup are not as good as the reputation of the common people. Coming to my live broadcast room will get the best milestone in life.

For fans, Jia Nailiangs eyes are visible to the naked eye, and the words of asking to buy are repeated.

The whole live broadcast lasted five hours, and Jia Nailiang didnt drink any water and didnt rest for a minute.

Fans cant help but shout: if you dont want to buy it, you have to buy it. This time Im really moved by brother Liang.

Speaking of Jia Nailiang, perhaps many peoples impression of him still remains in his past with Li Xiaolu.

For this relationship, from the two people to participate in the program, the interview of a few words, the netizens smell in this relationship, Jia Nailiang pay, forbearance, please and twist.

It was not until the two divorced, after a period of silence, that netizens found the other side of Jia Nailiang.

In fact, he has always been a very hard-working person, with superb acting skills and hard work.

In in the scene, he matches Su Daqiang in everything is very good. Both the lines and the emotional expression are very accurate.

With more than a year of celebration, he acted as emperor Qing and Mei Zhili respectively, switching freely between the calm and majestic emperor Qing and the submissive Mei Zhili.

Finally, after layer by layer selection, he and powerful actor Liu Lin entered the contest for the championship together.

Once, he regarded Li Xiaolu as the whole of his life and gave it wholeheartedly. Now, he has not been devastated by life, but has chosen to fight back head-on.

Jia Nailiang, who conquers fans with acting skills and takes goods with the help of fans, is not humble at all, but deserves applause and respect.


There is a line in the film a generation of masters:

When people live in the world, some of them have become face and some have become insiders.

Some time ago, Luo Yonghao was ridiculed for his live broadcast.

The 48 year old middle-aged man, from the intrepid CEO with boundless fame to the anchor of live sales, was said to be the funeral of a middle-aged idealist entrepreneur.

There are even direct questions: teacher Luo, are you disappointed with yourself now?

I thought that he would take advantage of this question to complain to netizens. After all, he has worked hard enough, but he still has a debt of nearly 100 million yuan for various reasons.

But unexpectedly, he replied, disappointed? How? Im trying my best to make money to pay off the debt. What I earn as an anchor is not dirty money. Im young, full of infinity, and a lot of possibilities.

As he once said, there is only one kind of failure, that is to give up halfway. this middle-aged man, who is close to knowing the fate of heaven and still thinks that he is young and has infinite possibilities in life, once again chooses to stand up.

Hes down, hes up, hes down, hes up again.

From the start of a blog website with more than a million visitors a day, to being one of the top three English training institutions in Beijing, and then to building hammer technology, which dreams of being the best mobile phone in the world, he has been stumbling all the way.

There have been brilliant, but he has never given up.

In this live broadcast, one of the most moving scenes is that Luo Yonghao mistakenly pronounced the cooperative product Jimi projector into the nut projector once used by hammer technology, and made a deep bow to 2 million audiences.

Id like to give you a bow. I hope you will understand my dementia when you see my bald scalp, he said.

Once a nut projector, just like his children, now, facing other childrens children, he can only carefully remember his own childrens good, but an unintentional slip of tongue has already exposed his unwillingness, grievances and loneliness.

Lu Weibing, President of Xiaomi China, was also invited to the live broadcast. For Xiaomi, who was dismissed as worthless by himself, Lao Luo was full of laughter: Xiaomi uses good materials

This kind of Luo Yonghao is really distressing. In order to make money by selling goods, he looks humble and flattering. It is like every one of us who was arrogant and full of ideals. After being severely hit by life, he looks like a low brow.

But for adults who dont have to face to survive, whats that mean?

After all, the burden of life is constantly increasing, and the inevitable accident comes. Compared with the inner grievance and the helplessness of daily experience, making money is the highest dignity of adults.

During the live broadcast, he carried goods for three hours, and the total number of viewers exceeded 48 million. The total transaction volume was 110 million yuan. With 600000 joint pit fees for each brand, 3.6 million sound wave income and high commission Commission Commission, Luo Yonghao could make 28 million yuan.

This is the real pride of an adult.


Ren Zhengfei has a saying:

What I want is success. Face is empty and cant be eaten as a meal. Face is for dogs.

After reading such a story, a man named Sun Li was originally the manager of a large enterprise, but he was incredible that his name was also listed in the list of personnel who were opened after a layoff.

In todays economic situation, unemployed middle-aged people need to face greater pressure to find a job than young people. If they cant find a suitable job for a while, they have to find a job while delivering takeaway.

From the strategist of the enterprise executives to the takeaway brother who wants to do everything himself, he doesnt know what kind of suffering and entanglement he has experienced.

But the children still have to go to school, the mortgage should be paid on time, and the parents alimony should be paid every month. What can we do without delivery?

Although life is difficult, he feels full of motivation when he has someone who is worth it. While actively looking for a job, he insists on delivering takeaway and clocking in his circle of friends.

In the face of the reporters interview, he said with a little satisfaction: now the income of part-time job can offset the daily consumption.

Life is a slow hammering process, Wang Xiaobo said.

Every adult cant escape the beating of life, but they never dare to run away because they have armor and weak points.

Just like Jia Nailiang, who is not willing to be defeated by his marriage, but also defeated by himself, Luo Yonghao does not want to choose a person who is easily bankrupt and has negative investors and clients.

Arent they tired? Doesnt it hurt? They are tired and painful, but they dont bow to life.

They have put down something called face dignity, but they have gained more than face and dignity in the real sense.

I once read a set of data, saying that before the outbreak, there were 140000 didi vehicles in Beijing, but now there are 230000 more.

These 230000 didi cars are 230000 people who have to bow down to find their way and find a new life because of unemployment.

Many of them are former executives, even CEOs.

After reading such a news, because of the epidemic, a kindergarten in Zhengzhou, Henan Province was forced to close for four months. However, the teachers salary and high rent put pressure on Zhang Dongsheng, the director of the kindergarten.

Unfortunately, sisters clothing store also closed down, so he simply put his sisters childrens clothes on the kindergarten square to sell, as a temporary childrens clothing shop owner.

The teacher has been noble since ancient times, but in order to live, he put down his face, but business is very hot.

Some time ago, the stall economy fire, a man in order to make a living, he put on the night market to sell high-heeled shoes.

In order to let customers see the effect of shoes better, he naturally tries on shoes for female customers.

A timetable has been exposed on the Internet:

1: The mother-in-law who sells fruit is going to close the stall

1: 30: take out boy is still sending supper to white-collar workers who work overtime

2: The middle-aged people who have been entertained at dinner have just arrived home

3: The nurse on duty is fully cooperating in rescuing the patient who has just arrived

3: 30: the truck driver is ready to go

4: 30: the mother-in-law who sells breakfast struggles through the narrow lane

5: Wake up the citys sanitation workers to the bleak streets

Every adult who kneels to earn money for a living deserves to be respected.

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