Tan songyun choked at the scene of her mothers collision case: nervous and afraid

 Tan songyun choked at the scene of her mothers collision case: nervous and afraid

Late at night on December 31, 2018, Huang, mother of famous actress Tan songyun, was involved in a car accident in Xuyong County, Luzhou, Sichuan Province. On May 31, the case of Tan songyuns mothers death was heard in Xuyong County Peoples Court of Sichuan Province.

According to the court investigation, the night of the incident, and Tan songyuns mother Huang walked home together with three people, Yang, Chen and Li. Huang died in the accident, Yang and Chen were slightly injured and one was seriously injured. Li was lucky to escape because he walked a few meters ahead.

The scene of the court hearing in Xuyong County Peoples court

After escaping from the scene of the accident, Ma called his friend Zhang, who was still drinking in the nightclub, claiming that he had hit someone near the heaven and earth and asked him to go to the scene to help look at the situation. Zhang arrived at the scene of the accident, three injured people have been 120 ambulance pulled away.

Ma learned of the situation, and arranged for Zhang to go to Xuyong County Peoples hospital to continue to inquire about the relevant situation. Zhang then took two motorcycles to the hospital. Medical staff told Zhang that one of the three injured was seriously injured and might be annoyed (critically ill or dead).

The public prosecutor produced the Xuyong County Traffic Police Brigade accident responsibility confirmation certificate shows that: in the traffic accident, the victims Huang, Yang and Chen have no fault; the driver Ma, who drinks and drives a motor vehicle, causes trouble and escapes, is fully responsible for the traffic accident.

The public prosecutor believes that Huang and other three victims have done their duty of safety care in the traffic behavior and should not bear the responsibility. The accident responsibility confirmation letter issued by Xuyong traffic police department should be accepted by the court.

Tan songyuns mothers collision case details: drivers two inquiries into the case of Tan songyuns mothers collision: the perpetrators urine test is positive and denies taking drugs. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Han Chong_ NBJ11345

Tan songyun appears in court trial of her mothers collision