Xi Jinping, chair of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee

 Xi Jinping, chair of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, presided over the meeting.

The meeting pointed out that the Yellow River is the mother river of the Chinese nation. Ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin should be regarded as a great plan for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. We should implement the new development concept, follow the natural and objective laws, promote the comprehensive management, systematic management and source control of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, grass and sand, improve the ecological environment of the Yellow River Basin and optimize the allocation of water resources, We should promote high-quality development of the whole basin, improve peoples lives, protect and carry forward the Yellow River culture, and make the Yellow River a happy river for the benefit of the people.

The meeting stressed that measures should be taken according to local conditions, policies should be implemented according to different categories, and laws should be respected to improve the ecological environment of the Yellow River Basin. It is necessary to vigorously promote the intensive and economical utilization of water resources in the Yellow River, take water resources as the biggest rigid constraint, so as to save water and expand development space. We should focus on the long-term reduction of flood and drought disasters in the Yellow River, strengthen scientific research, improve the disaster prevention and mitigation system, and improve the ability to deal with various disasters. We should take effective measures to promote the high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin, accelerate the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, build a modern industrial system with characteristics and advantages, optimize the urban development pattern, and promote rural revitalization. We should vigorously protect and carry forward the Yellow River culture, continue the historical context, tap the value of the times, and strengthen cultural confidence. It is necessary to promote the implementation of various work in the style of grasping the traces of iron and retaining the imprint of stepping stones, strengthen overall planning and coordination, implement the main responsibilities of the provinces, autonomous regions and relevant departments along the Yellow River, speed up the formulation and implementation of specific plans, implementation plans and policy systems, and strive to make obvious progress in the period of the 14th five year plan.

The meeting pointed out that since the nineteen Partys Congress, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core has focused on the overall situation of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the great changes in the world in the past century. It has continued to promote strict and strict administration of the party, deepen the reform of the party and state organs, and continuously strengthen the political construction, ideological construction, organizational construction and clean government construction of the central and state organs, and has achieved remarkable results. From the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the Central Committee and the Party committee of the state organs have been more active in implementing the decision making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, and overall improvement in the partys sense of responsibility in governing the party. The overall situation of strict governance has been continuously upward. The new progress has been made in various fields. Make. At the same time, in the face of the new era, new situation and new requirements, there are still some outstanding problems, we should attach great importance to the implementation of the rectification, compact the main responsibility of the rectification, strengthen the daily supervision, integrate the rectification into the daily work, into the deepening of reform, into the comprehensive and strict management of the party, and into the team building.

The meeting stressed that the central and state organs are the first mile of implementing the Central Committees decision and deployment. We should thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinpings socialist ideology with Chinas characteristics in the new era, work hard in learning to understand and practice, and work hard in combination with practical creativity and Implementation. We should consciously use the partys innovative theory to arm our minds, guide practice and promote work, and adapt ourselves to the new situation. Under the new situation and new requirements of the times, we should have a deep understanding of the functions and responsibilities entrusted to us by the party and the state, bear in mind the two overall situations, strengthen the sense of mission and political responsibility, and achieve the two maintenance through the practical actions of fulfilling their duties and responsibilities. We should take the lead to enhance the political and action consciousness of reform, conscientiously implement the decisions and arrangements for comprehensively deepening the reform, constantly consolidate the achievements of deepening institutional reform, achieve system integration, coordination and efficiency, and solidly promote the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity. We should firmly implement the main responsibility and supervision responsibility of comprehensively and strictly administering the party, conduct pressure at all levels, persist in the main tone of strictness for a long time, establish and improve the mechanism of power supervision and restriction, and continuously rectify the four styles, especially the problems of formalism and bureaucracy. We should conscientiously implement the partys organizational line in the new era, strengthen the construction of leading groups, the construction of cadres and talents, and the construction of grass-roots party organizations, and build the central and state organs into model organs that stress politics, observe discipline, be responsible and efficient.

Other matters were also examined.