Luo Rongzhi, who killed seven female demons, was charged with three charges

 Luo Rongzhi, who killed seven female demons, was charged with three charges

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Exclusive video public security organs arrest Lao Rongzhi (source: video synthesis)

The arrest process of the fugitive Lao Rongzhi in 20 years of absconding in a major kidnapping and homicide case for 20 years (source: video synthesis)

Previously reported:

Carrying seven lives, Lao Rongzhi escaped for 20 years and was caught. During his escape, Lao Rongzhi was exposed as Sydney and hid in a bar in Xiamen. On Christmas 2016, the bar used to attract customers with Sydney goddess posters. When Lao Rongzhi was arrested, he sold his watch at the supermarket counter. The operator said that he met Lao in a bar, and it was a relationship between a man and a woman.

The picture shows Lao Rongzhi

On July 22, 1999, Lao Rongzhi and her boyfriend faziying designed to kidnap Yin Jianhua, a businessman in Hefei. In order to prove to Yin Jianhua that he dared to kill people, faziying made a crazy move: he cheated Lu Zhongming, a carpenter from Changfeng County, Hefei, to rent a house, and killed Lu Zhongming in front of Yin Jianhua.

Before that, they had killed three members of a family in Nanchang, and then two in Wenzhou. Together with the case committed in Hefei, a total of seven victims were killed.

Faziying was executed after being executed, but his girlfriend Lao Rongzhi, who killed seven people with him, absconded and disappeared.

Photos of the slain carpenter and his child published in local newspapers before his death (photo provided by lawyer)

After 20 years, learning that the female devil Lao Rongzhi was finally captured, Zhu Dahong, the widow of the slain carpenter Lu Zhongming, said to the client that I was both excited and angry at that time. I hated her and let my heaven fall down.

When Lu Zhongming, a carpenter, was killed, his three children were three, four and seven. After three children grow up, in order to improve their lives and help their mother share the burden of the family, the eldest child graduated from junior high school, the second and the third year went out to work after graduating from secondary school.

Talking about the children she raised alone, Zhu Dahong responded, after my husband was killed, I looked at the children at home, and my heart was broken, but I still have to stand up and raise them well. Now the eldest son works as a cook in a restaurant, the second son works as a worker in a factory, and the youngest daughter works in a shopping mall.

Photo taken in 2009 (Photo by lawyer)

For more details and progress of the case, the client also interviewed Liu Jingjie, Zhu Dahongs lawyer.

Client: what do you think of Lao Rongzhi who has been searching for female devil for 20 years?

Liu Jingjie: Zhu Dahong, the wife of the slain carpenter, was very excited when she learned that the female demon head was caught. She took the initiative to call me and contact me, finally, she was able to comfort her husbands spirit in heaven.

Client: how does the family function in the 20 years since the victims relatives lost their close relatives?

Party concerned: what is the appeal of family members? Do you think its difficult to achieve it?

Liu Jingjie: the family asked Lao Rongzhi, the female devil head, to make compensation. However, it is still a little early to talk about compensation at this stage. Because at present, Nanchang police have escorted the female devil head back to Jiangxi. What kind of criminal responsibility she should bear in the case and whether there are any new cases will be determined after investigation.

The difficulty of claiming for compensation lies in whether Lao Rongzhi has the money to compensate. Her property and the whereabouts of the money are unknown. If she also has no money to pay compensation as FA Ziying did in those years, it will cause trouble.

After the court accepted the case, I, as an agent, have the right to review the papers and understand the property status of Lao Rongzhi.

Client: which departments have been communicated with?

Client: what kind of work will you do next?