Cloud red carpet looks back ten years, film channel panorama hits Beiying Festival

 Cloud red carpet looks back ten years, film channel panorama hits Beiying Festival

In a special year, the Beijing International Film Festival was successfully held to share with the world the China Program for holding large-scale film cultural activities under the condition of normalization of epidemic prevention and control. Under the opening of the cloud red carpet presented by the film channels media center, the Beiying Festival is using its accumulated Chinese experience and Chinese wisdom born in the sun to confirm and convey the spirit totem of the festival, the openness and tolerance attitude of the temple of heaven.

Cloud red carpet: gather ten years of wonderful, filmmakers witness the development of film

Ten years dream, light and shadow.

With the direct attack on Beiying Festival broadcast live on the film channel, the essence of the previous red carpet of the Beiying Festival, the development process of Chinese films in the past ten years seems to have emerged.

The trophy is heavy. Yan Bingyan, who won the honor of the best actress of the first temple of heaven award, is still unforgettable when she won the cup. According to the statistics of m big data, she was the most active filmmaker on the red carpet in the past ten years. She has stepped on the red carpet of Beiying Festival five times.

Beijing is a city with extensive connectivity and strong inclusiveness, Yan Bingyan regarded every visit to the Beijing Film Festival as a world-wide exhibition. There is an International Film Festival in Beijing that can give filmmakers all over the world a chance to see Chinese culture.

As the actor who brings the most works on the platform of Beiying Festival, Liu Yifei, who has been on the red carpet for three times, will soon become the focus of attention of the world audience with her starring work Hua Mulan. With the highest box office record in Chinese film history, the crew of warwolf 2, which has been on the red carpet of the seventh Beiying Festival, has become a benchmark that can not be ignored in the world film industry. James Cameron, Luc Besson, Sophie Marceau and many other well-known international filmmakers walk in, which constantly injects international style into the Beiying Festival.

In 2011, Zhang Zifeng, who joined the Tangshan earthquake crew on the red carpet of the first Beijing International Film season, was still a child star under the age of 10. In 2017, Zhang Zifeng, who had already made his debut in Chinatown, was promoted to be a national film promoter in Beijing. Its great to see my sister grow up step by step. For the cloud red carpet reflects the development and change of filmmakers, the audience message in the live screen is also full of praise.

Like the growing Chinese filmmakers, Chinese films have been growing in the past decade. Through the memories brought by the cloud red carpet, Dong Ruifeng, director of the chief editors office of the film channel program center, who witnessed every Beijing Film Festival, not only saw the confidence behind the gradual upgrading of the Beijing International Film Festival, but also saw the vitality of Chinese films in spite of difficulties and facing the sun.

The cloud red carpet set sail online, so that the 10th Beijing International Film Festival has not lost the meaning of forward in the live camera of the film channel. Through the wind, through the rain, regardless of cold or midsummer, filmmakers are always moving forward, said Zhao Ningyu, Professor of Beijing Film Academy. Their short steps on the red carpet represent the overall progress of the film.

Cloud mode: diversified and efficient forms on the cloud, Chinas scheme won praise in the world

In Nanluoguxiang, director Yin Li brought an open-air show full of memories with his film My September; in the starry drama village, Li Jinze, the film channel host in VR viewing equipment, surrealistically experienced the immersive virtual image within reach; while in Sanlitun store of Meijia happy film city, Qiao Jun, the host of film channel, and his fans used mobile phones to do it It is decided by the interactive theme of the film.

If you think these innovative screenings are all the new moves of this Beijing Film Festival, you will miss more cloud scenery. According to Lin Siwei, director of the Exhibition Department of Beijing International Film Festival, nearly 250 excellent Chinese and foreign films, including 50 new premieres, were shown online on, while 20 classic films were also shown on the TV platform to meet more potential fans in the cloud in multiple forms.

In the process of all the offline stalls of the previous Beiying festival were transferred to online operation this year, the heat has not decreased at all. During the live broadcast of direct attack on Beiying Festival, Cui Yan, executive deputy director of the Organizing Committee Office of the current Beiying Festival, demonstrated the cloud market system supported by 3D and VR technology. The cloud market, which has opened up the whole industry chain and attracted many new manufacturers to participate in the exhibition, was quite satisfied with the promotion of exhibits including 50 new films. I can give it a full score.

The idea of online and offline joint festivals has turned the previous Beijing International Film Festival, which was often held in the offline temple above industry and academic forums, to the cloud one after another. In addition to attending experts, scholars and industry leaders, the cloud teaching by international masters such as Ang Lee and Jessica Hausner has broken the geographical and spatial constraints, making the industry frontier become a network resource within the reach of the public.

During the live broadcast of the film channels direct attack on the Beiying Festival, the theme forum of the power of film review sponsored by todays film review is also in full swing on the cloud. I hope I can come up with new content, whether its new theme or new content, said director Dapeng, who shared his experimental creative concept when he talked about the good luck and good luck which was highly praised by fans in the current mirror world exhibition unit. My creative concept has never changed, that is, I have never done anything.

In addition to paying attention to the new forces of film creation, this forum also recorded the enthusiasm of international filmmakers for the Chinese scheme highlighted by the Beiying Festival mode. This year, Japanese director Takeuchi Liang, who has made several anti epidemic documentaries in China, such as Nanjing anti epidemic scene, long time no see, Wuhan, etc., said that the smooth holding of the Beiying Festival surprised and envied Japanese colleagues.

A number of Japanese and Korean Film Festival leaders also seconded this in the forum link. Seeing the success of the Beiying Festival, Lee Yong Kwan, President of Pusan International Film Festival, is both happy and curious. I am very happy, because Busan International Film Festival is also in the process of preparation, and may have experienced similar thinking with Beijing, he said in the connection. What efforts have been made inside the festival, what communication has been made with the municipal government and the central government, what response has been received in the prior investigation of the audience, and what considerations have been taken in making a conclusion Im curious. Please give me this information.

This new form overcomes time and space constraints, and this efficient cloud process is becoming a popular trend. Luc benza, the chief representative of the African Film Association in China, expressed his understanding through live broadcasting, which represents the recognition of many international film makers for the Chinese scheme presented in the cloud of this Beijing Film Festival. Over the past few years, I have seen the direction of the efforts of all Chinese filmmakers in Beijing, said Carlo Antonio, director of the Asia region of Italys national film and television company, in his connection with the Beijing Film Festival. The directors of major film festivals in the world should go to Beijing more. The leapfrog organizational ability of the festival is worth learning from.

Perhaps, the half joking Reply of young filmmaker Li zhiting is the strength of the Chinese plan, which has experienced the epidemic situation and faced the difficulties: if you encounter problems, you can solve them.

Cloud data: arithmetic machine has feelings, m big data exclusive decoding

In the brilliant cloud red carpet link, the performance of m big data, which comprehensively synthesizes core data over the years, is eye-catching.

Of course, the best demonstration of m big data scanning capability is its inventory of Beijing exhibition, which has repeatedly made digital achievements. Under the data review, the attendance rate of Fanxing drama village, which specializes in VR films, is as high as 100%. Tianmu new Caiyun international cinema city and Capital Cinema (Xidan store), which have super giant screens and renovated projection equipment, are also close to saturation on this data.

In the extremely hot offline exhibition, the documentary water moon in hand which recorded the legendary life of Ye Jiaying, a classical poetry master, became the fastest sold out film, and realistic works such as memories of murder, my accusation and tropical rain also ranked the top of the audience. The statistics of the age of ticket users also has a guiding significance for the future screening and arrangement work.

For the exhibition details with large sample size, the classification of m big data is also more detailed. However, the clearly marked data is not cold. On the contrary, it gives more opportunities for the emotional moments of the film and filmmakers to reveal naturally.

Gu Xiaogang, director of the film Spring River is warm, was extremely excited during the live broadcast of direct attack on the northern Film Festival. With this scroll style literary masterpiece, he won two honors in the media attention unit of the film channel. Inspired by the data and the joy of participating in the exhibition, he also sent a message to the young film creators: no matter how hard it is, it is to shoot. The only thing that matters is your own action.

The fourth fastest 4K blockbuster war and peace embodies the painstaking efforts of the restoration team of China Film Archive. After learning the story of the restoration and exhibition of war and peace in China, Natalia, daughter of the late director Bondarchuk, also spoke through live broadcast: when my father filmed the film, he always told us that this is not going to the dark, but to the light. I hope the light of war and peace will always illuminate our life.

From the poster to the real scene, from the studio to the venue, the paper windmill representing the Beijing International Film Festival also clocked in the live media footage of the film channel direct attack on the Beijing Film Festival and finally turned into a cloud in the sky. The extraordinary cloud journey in 2020 will continue to march steadily towards the next decade of Beijing International Film Festival with blessing for Chinese films.

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