Fu Seoul: happiness is the biggest accident in my life

 Fu Seoul: happiness is the biggest accident in my life

I was lucky to meet him. Hes a gift for me.

However, after listening to their stories, you will find that she really loves Lao Liu and is really happy.



Its about turning the ego into the big self

Fu Seoul said that what she couldnt accept most was hypocrisy. She didnt like hypocrisy. Therefore, Lao Liu relied on sincerity to move her as a literary young woman.

Fu Seoul said that he had fallen in love with Xueba, talent and rock youth. They are very different, but they are all the same. They say: I love you deeply! But leave quietly, make love words into jokes

She thought about the reason, because he was one of the best people Fu Seoul knew: simple, kind, gentle and generous, and a real gentleman.

After praising Lao Liu severely and talking about the advantages of moving Lao Liu, Fu Seoul said to Lao Liu in the usual domineering tone in the program: you have to say that we two are talking about me alone in an interview. Hurry up and say something about it!

Then Lao Liu slowly summed up: in fact, I think the most attractive place for me is her personality...

This answer obviously makes Fu Seoul not very satisfied: what do you say? Cant I grow up?

Liu quickly explained: no, there is a sort, personality is the most attractive place for me. She is a straightforward person. She doesnt beat around the bush. She likes and dislikes clearly. People who dont like it dont like it. It will be shown on her face...

Before he finished speaking, he got Fu Seouls ridicule: he was hurt by faltering and ambiguous girls before, so he felt more cherished after seeing me, right?

This husband and wife, really like netizens said, a chat is like cross talk.

There must be some sacrifice in the pursuit of self-worth. When you are ready to enter into a new relationship, and are willing to give up a part of yourself in exchange for the warmth of your family, you can get married


Stay together

Mother disagreed: a woman married without a decent photo, will regret in the future.

As a result, they took a group of wedding photos that now look very non mainstream. Fu Seoul remembers that he spent 3000 yuan after bargaining.

Fu Seouls Haoqiang does not allow herself to live such a tight life forever. After she got married, she urged herself and her partner to pursue a better life as hard as a top.

However, Lao Liu was a casual man.

Strange flowers said once discussed partner wants to be salted fish, should spur or accept? Fu Seoul used his own example to tell the story of Lao Liu who, under her spur, sold durian and made insurance, but failed, and even was cheated by others.

Of course, Im the one who tolerates each other in my marriage. If not for his good character and willing to cooperate with me, we would not be today.

Now Fu Seoul likes to use Tucao to show off his husband. It seems to be full of love and hate, but in fact it make complaints about it.

In the reality show, 21 days before marriage, their way of getting along is enviable. There are always endless words. Someone says, her Tucao and her complaint make complaints about another familiar and tacit understanding.

In the interview, she joked: we also quarrel now, but our quarrel is mainly one-sided reprimand.

Of course, Fu Seoul will also reflect on himself: most men will be salted fish when they live with me, because I am a kind of crazy and enterprising person, which is basically not a normal effort. It is my own mentality is not very good, does not mean that the other side is not good Therefore, she did not think that Lao Liu was really salted fish.

However, being ridiculed as salted fish and soft rice man, Lao Liu didnt care, and even his microblog name was Laoliu lying to win.

Fu Seoul once asked him, do you really dont mind telling you a story? Lao Liu replied: as long as it helps you, I can do anything. I dont care what others think of me.

Is that true? Lao Liu was sure: what do you mind? Life is to live by ourselves, not to be seen by others.

Fu Seoul added: I tell you, his values are different from other men. Some men have invisible discrimination. Women are strong and men are weak. But Lao Liu is not such a person. He really has the concept of equality between men and women.

Lao Liu doesnt think that cooking every day is a good wife. He respects Fu Seouls pursuit of hard work and takes the initiative to take on the trivialities of his family. Fu Seoul said that this is also the place where he and Lao Liu deeply agree.

Liu even wrote a song of salted fish to Fu Seoul: I am Lao Liu, salted fish, Lao Liu...

It cant help but remind people of their empty confession.

Fu Seoul expressed his love to Lao Liu on his micro blog: Im very glad that our relationship is far more than love. The world has treated me unfairly, and its good to give you to me.

Liu responded in the song: even if you dont become the king in the spotlight, you will always be my favorite queen.


grow up

Its about turning bad things into good things

Hard work, strong, generous, so that Fu Seoul career success, show the world is confident and cheerful side, but only Lao Liu understand her inferiority complex in the past.

As many people have asked Fu Seoul, how to become humorous? She thought about it seriously. Most of the time, people think that speaking funny is like a gift, but to be honest, it is not.

Dont forget, we all came into this world crying. Her childhood is far away from smile.

Soon after she was born, her parents divorced. Her mother took her to live in a rice barn full of mice for three years. After her mother remarried, she lived with her grandmother. Because she miss her mother so much, she drinks detergent. Only when she gets sick can she see her mother

In a word, she spent most of her time in a cold face, scorn and scolding, and infinite expectations and demands.

I always hope that my parents think its happy to be my parents, that my son is lucky to be my son, and I never want to let others down.

Fu Seoul never denied that the inferiority, suspicion and sensitivity brought by her native family had penetrated into her bones. But fortunately, she met Lao Liu.

I can tell him anything. The hard times, the fragile moments, the moments of exhaustion and despair to the point of abandoning myself, were all spent in his embrace. A good partner can heal the wounds of a native family, she said.

If Fu Seoul is a hedgehog, Lao Liu is a sponge.

He accepted her sensitivity, sharpness, and tolerance of her bad temper.

Hes not very expressive, but he gives his wife warmth and security.

He fully understood his wifes pain and said, I cant let her suffer any more in this life.

In the final of the wonderful flowers, Fu Seoul was so stressed that she sent a text message to Lao Liu saying, I cant hold on. Old Liu Hui: then give up, whats the big deal.

But he knew that his wife would never give up, so he secretly took the high-speed rail to the program site, holding a bunch of flowers to wait for her.

Knowing that Fu Seoul can be desperate to pursue and dream, Lius choice is to support and accompany.

Watching his wife complete her dream, and also watching her from the inferiority and depression of the past, transformed into a humorous and cheerful successful woman.

Fu Seoul felt that if he had not met Lao Liu, he might not have married. Fu Seoul once said to Lao Liu, I think you are a gift for me.

She said that it was the biggest accident in her life that she could have such a happy person.


The back wave is much more turbulent than expected

Fu Seoul and Lao Lius son duole is 10 years old. Unlike Fu Seouls childhood, the son grew up in the love of his parents and the elderly.

Like all parents, Fu Seoul and Lao Liu are worried about myocardial infarction because of their homework. They also joke that their mother is the gold master, and they can grow old when they grow up because of their sons slight move and a little progress. But in fact, good tempered old Liu is not vague on the issue of education.

When you get along with your child, you can switch freely between friends and strict father. In his words, you can play with him any way you like. If you encounter a problem of principle, switch to serious mode immediately.

Compared with Lao Liu, Fu Seoul is not so strict, and his son is more like a friend.

Seeing that dorefas circle of friends blocked them and talked about the significance of privacy, she chuckled: did you forget that the iPad code is in my hand?

However, not long ago, Fu Seoul found that Dore had been able to get the password and recharge the money from the bank card to her wechat. She was surprised and sighed: its really grown up. I can only say that the back wave is much more turbulent than expected.

As a husband make complaints about his wife, and make complaints about his mothers role, Fu Seoul does not forget Tucaos son.

In the program 21 days before marriage, duole felt that it was unnecessary and didnt want to attend the wedding ceremony at first, but after thinking about it for a second, it was still quite fun. After all, when the parents got married for the first time, they were not born, so it should be interesting to attend the ceremony now. You see, he didnt think about me at all. He only thought for himself.

When I was a child, my grandmother took more fun, so now, even if I dont live together, if there is something delicious or good, he will think of her for the first time. Sometimes, dad and grandma speak a little louder, he will object. These small moves often moved Fu Seoul.

In this family, there are many stories about love and kill each other between husband and wife and between parents and children.

No matter what she has experienced, no matter whether these experiences are good or bad, Fu Seoul remembers them all in her heart, because these are the materials for her debate, writing and her growth.

Recently, Fu Seoul is also reflecting that he was better at empathy than he is now five years ago.

After the material conditions are improved, the resonance with others is not as good as before. Its more painful when Im struggling. Its something I feel Ive lost. Why can Lu Yao write the ordinary world? If he had not been hungry, how could he write that feeling of hunger and how could he touch so many people?

Therefore, she told Lao Liu that she would like to live a more simple and low-key life this year, and try to keep her modesty in the past. After all, I will spend the rest of my life writing, and Lao Liu will certainly support her with both hands!