A man doesnt want to lose you, thats how he treats you

 A man doesnt want to lose you, thats how he treats you

A man will be perfunctory to you, indifferent and selfish, often because his heart is not in you, he may leave you at any time.

When a man doesnt want to lose you, he cant help but greet you with a smile and selflessly offer everything for you. It is because he always cares about you in his heart, so he will always put you in his heart, he will feel that you are the unique existence in this world.

Generally speaking, a man will treat you like this if he doesnt want to lose you.

1. Be careful with you

When a man in the feelings of you all kinds of cautious, cautious words and deeds, afraid that he said wrong, do wrong, never dare to easily irritate you, that he really does not want to lose you.

The more afraid of losing your man, the more will give you meticulous care and care, he will be responsible for his words and deeds to the end.

Mens modesty is now in many ways. For example, when he chats with you, he will actively cooperate with you, and will take the initiative to talk with you about topics that are more interesting to each other. Even if you talk to him about a topic he doesnt know or is not interested in, he will not easily refuse, but listen to you patiently.

When a man gets along with you, he never dare to talk loudly. He will fully consider your feelings and feelings before he says every word, which shows that he is really afraid of losing you.

If a mans attitude towards you is too rough and bad, whether he talks or does things carelessly, it means that he has no heart to treat you, and he does not really care about you.

2. Im responsible for all your single mindedness

Whether a relationship can come to the end depends on whether you are responsible enough to each other.

When a man doesnt want to lose you, he will always be responsible for you. He may not be able to say a lot of sweet words to you every day, but he will never say nothing.

To judge whether a man really cares about you, you should not only listen to what he says, but also pay attention to his actual actions and performance. When a man is half hearted to you, he is not willing to be responsible for your feelings. His enthusiasm for you is not long enough, which means that he may leave you at any time.

The man who is really reluctant to leave or lose you will love you wholeheartedly and try his best to create a happy and beautiful living condition for you. Hell be on call when you need him.

When a man is only willing to think of you when he needs you, once you lose the value of utilization, he will gradually alienate and neglect you, and will not reply to your message and ignore you, indicating that he does not really care about you.

3. I feel all kinds of feelings for you

There is hardly any empathy in this world. In other words, empathy itself is a pseudo example. You may never really understand and understand another persons pain and anxiety.

Everyone grows up in different environment, temperament, personality, hobbies are also different, resulting in two people together for a long time easy to produce a variety of contradictions and conflicts.

If a man is willing to give you more tolerance, he feels the same about your situation. He never deliberately makes trouble for you, which shows that he really doesnt want to lose you.

Empathy comes from the fact that two people have the same life or emotional experience. You are full of tacit understanding when you are together.

When a man knows nothing about you, he doesnt know your life situation at all, he doesnt know what kind of things you have experienced in the past, or what kind of pressure you are under at the moment, he cant feel for you.

If a man is willing to accompany you through the trough of life, he can really understand your emotions, he can also always pay attention to the subtle changes in your mood, which means that he really does not want to lose you.

If a man lacks the minimum sympathy or sympathy for you, he is always unreasonable and aggressive towards you. He will not sympathize with your situation, but will completely ignore your existence. He may deliberately hurt or irritate you.

If a man is never willing to treat and cherish the feelings you pay, he takes everything you pay as a matter of course. Once you leave him alone or alienated, he cant help sitting and standing uneasy, which shows that he really doesnt want to lose you.

Two people need to keep warm together. If you are always criticizing and criticizing each other, and you are not willing to pay the necessary patience and sincerity for each other, it is often difficult for your feelings to reach the end.

The man who really cares about you will accompany you, and he will become a strong pillar behind you. As the writer Tao Lixia said: the most important person in life, perhaps when you are around, you can feel just a touch of warmth, not more significant than a cup of hot tea. But when you lose, the whole world is deserted. We just know that we are always conquering space, but we cant do anything about time.

Although some men are not good at sweet talk and dont know romance, as long as he can treat every little thing of you attentively, and he can help you at the critical moment, you should cherish him, and dont let down his love and sincerity to you easily.

Of course, some people and feelings are not something you want to have for a long time. Both men and women should learn to keep a proper distance from their partners. Too much is better than too much. The more you want to hold on to a relationship, the easier it will be to escape from you.

In any case, feelings should be based on mutual affection and mutual treasure. If the person you love doesnt love you, you dont want to force others to be difficult. When you love the same people cherish you, you should double cherish this precious fate.

Only when you truly love each other, need and rely on each other, know how to support and tolerate each other, your feelings will be long and sweet.