Alibaba suddenly entered the Bureau of real estate, the opportunity for the poor to turn over

 Alibaba suddenly entered the Bureau of real estate, the opportunity for the poor to turn over

As contemporary young people, especially the post-90s generation, what do they need? From the perspective of life, they are most eager to buy a house of their own, because in a city to fight, the housing problem has become a matter of urgency. However, Ma Yuns prediction will come true, Alibaba may enter the Bureau of real estate, the opportunity for the poor to turn over!

The God of horse father predicts the future of house price

1. The number of new students decreased, and the number of new students in 2017 was 630000 less than that in 2016.

2. There are too many houses in China, especially vacant houses and inventory houses, which can accommodate 400 million people.

3. The aging degree is deepening. The only child after 90 and 00 is the majority. There will be two young people to take care of 4-8 old people.

After reading these data, do you still think that there is a misunderstanding or no credibility in Mas remarks? Are you going to buy a house in a few years.

On July 31 this year, Alibaba announced that it has reached a strategic partnership with E-House to promote the real estate service industry to be fully digital and intelligent. E-House as a real estate enterprise, and Alibaba hand in hand, this is not ready to do a big? Alibaba, as a group founded by e-commerce, can make commodity prices cheaper. If it is fully integrated into real estate, can everyone afford a house!

In this way, Ma Yun said that house prices are as cheap as scallions is just around the corner, but it is a matter of time. In 2020, as an ordinary year of real estate sales, the demand for houses has been less than before. For example, 2015-2017 is the time when the demand for houses is most in short supply, and it is also a few years when house prices have risen the highest and fastest. Now fewer people are buying a house, the liquidity of the house is falling, and the house price will naturally fall. This is also the best time for Alibaba to enter the Bureau.

Real estate, poor people can turn over

Housing reform to now, in these 20 years, a house is enough to kill many people. Perhaps in order to buy a house, life began to struggle, children no longer go to counseling classes, even entrepreneurship is illusory, because the purchase of a house needs to pay off the mortgage every month! So I dont dare to spend extra money and make trouble.

Only when Alibaba enters the real estate bureau and the house price is knocked down, will the poor people have a chance to turn over. They will no longer be troubled by house prices. They can have more money to invest in education for their children and create a career for their own lives.

If Alibaba enters Bureau real estate to change house price, this is more like an adult to solve burden and pressure for many children

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