Amways skyscraper: Womens biggest enemy is not women

 Amways skyscraper: Womens biggest enemy is not women


In addition to spending a lot of time and energy on practice every day. Actually, I can do one thing at the same time. That is, collective Amway skyscraper! I want to make one point clear: how can peoples concerns be put on Yang Ying? What a wonderful and profound story it is to see the good and evil of human nature. One flower, one world, one leaf, one Bodhi. Of course, we feel sorry for Zhong Meibaos death. This is a poor woman, and she has not had a good life for a few days. Too late to enjoy happiness, the result is early farewell to this world.

Maybe, people think that Yang Ying acting is a good propaganda point. Unfortunately, people dont really like this. On the contrary, because he was taken away from the rhythm, he did not pay much attention to skyscraper. No, look at the sisters who ride the waves. The online drama is highly recommended on personal social platforms. Skyscraper has its own unique charm to make the sisters so loving. Not only Yang Ying, but also many powerful actors. Let this suspense urban drama have more uncontrollable factors.


First, Jin Chen Aite, Zhang Hanyun:

Seeing ye Meili and Zhong Jie in skyscraper is a girl girls friendship. They support each other when they are in difficulty and accompany each other when they are happy. But I dont like the sentence she comes from the dark and leaves in the dark. I hope that this sentence can be she comes in the dark, but I take her away from the dark, just like this is because we can feel pain Close your eyes and dont look before the dark comes @ Zhang Hanyun goes to see the skyscraper. High energy reversal is in line with our lyrics. Ha ha


Then, LAN Yingying:

Skyscraper, in this building, every character is so bright and mysterious that it is not until the last moment that they know the real murderer and the truth. Digging the truth also reveals the reality: peeping, son preference, domestic violence, child molestation and so on... This society is too unfair to women!

Skyscrapers let me see the gentle watch and mutual salvation between women, womens power is so strong! Ye Meili and Zhong Jie, Wu Mingyue and Zhong Meibao, all strive to embrace life and warm each other. You dont have to carry it by yourself. Lets face it hand in hand! Women can also have power!


All feelings that make you feel unhappy should end in time!

Learn to love yourself before you love others

Women must be strong!


Look, this is the spirit of the womens League. Unity, company, watch, hand in hand. Women should learn to love themselves before they love others. Womens power must be strong. Its not just talking about it. The action is the most practical. Suddenly felt that womens biggest enemy must not be women. Is it really warm to think of it?

I also recommend skyscraper, which reverses and reverses again and again - with an unexpected ending