White moonlight: Zhang Yi PK Yang Yan, has the final say that a family is unhappy?

 White moonlight: Zhang Yi PK Yang Yan, has the final say that a family is unhappy?



If Zhang Yi returns to her family, Zhang Xin may work harder. But his ability is limited. Do you think he can create the most value for this family? Maybe he was depressed and depressed. As a result, Zhang Yi had to come back to work to solve the economic problems. Do you think this arrangement is reasonable? In short, it is impossible to have the best of both worlds. The right of two interests should be more important than that of two evils. So whats waiting for Zhang Yi? It must be that both family and career are in crisis, and then what? Its hard to maintain without divorce.


Lets have a look at Yang Yan. What kind of woman is this? Marriage is very unhappy, the first because of cheating, the second because of domestic violence. Fortunately, there are children who can live with each other. But is she happy? Not happy. No matter how sensible the child is, Yang Yan will feel that this is not a complete home. Therefore, she tried every means to hold Zhang Xin in her hand. Because he is a good father, in order to give children - Yang Yan, has reached the level of madness. But she did not think, your home is happy, Zhang Xin Zhang Yis home? She doesnt care. Selfishness doesnt work.


Now, do you see clearly? Zhang Yi and Yang Yan, their family happiness depends on men and Zhang Xin. Even though, Zhang Yi has a good job and a good income. Even if Yang Yan has childrens company, she cant satisfy the status quo. At the end of the day, did Zhang Xin remarry with Zhang Yi? hear nothing of. But with a second child, her choice doesnt matter much. And Yang Yan, she can only live alone with her children. But in my heart, I must be very dissatisfied. Why didnt she get this man? Wang Lu doesnt accept this man?



Perhaps, the days when men dominate family happiness will continue for a while. Women, hold on!