How many centimeters can a girl accept at most? This number is the limit!

 How many centimeters can a girl accept at most? This number is the limit!

Why cant most girls stand 12cm, can feel ache, individual 8cm can ache?

Today, there is a woman who even said that 5cm could not be tolerated. She was not wanted to be pushed.

But you watch TV, those beautiful women 20cm are nothing

I really dont understand. I also wear high-heeled shoes. How can the gap be so big?

Speaking of this, do you know what Xiaobian is going to talk about today?

Yes, todays Xiaobian is talking about high-heeled shoes. What do you think

According to the public aesthetic point of view, a pair of high-heeled shoes can make girls more sexy and feminine.

What does a woman feel when she puts on high heels? Well, its almost like a man in a car.

Once you step on your feet, you dont step on high heels. Its the world!

Sorry to put the wrong picture

Even Xiaobian as a man, put on high-heeled shoes of the moment all feel oneself become charming a lot.

(as for why Xiaobian wore high-heeled shoes, dont ask me, its no result.)

However, behind every girl who loves to wear high-heeled shoes is a history of blood and tears. Behind this beauty, there are often huge health costs. Many girls, in order to hold up their most beautiful posture, do not hesitate to endure pain.

Under normal conditions, how many centimeters can a girl accept at most? In other words, the height of high-heeled shoes will not affect womens health?

Once, an American expert asked 20 healthy women to do the experiment. Each subject selected a pair of high-heeled shoes with the heel height higher than 7 cm. The torsion of bilateral knee joints was measured when walking barefoot and wearing high-heeled shoes, and the values were statistically analyzed and compared.

The results showed that the knee joint torque of wearing high-heeled shoes was 30% higher than walking barefoot. If you lower the heel height, the knee joint torque will also be reduced. When the height is reduced to 7 cm, the maximum torque loss occurs. Therefore, for ordinary people, heel less than 7 cm is relatively safe.

In other words, the health standard of high-heeled shoes is less than 7cm. To be more precise, it is best to wear high-heeled shoes of 4-6cm. The shoes of this height can effectively consume the metabolism speed of new dust of abdominal fat, making the abdomen flat and sexy.

If the heel is more than 7 cm, the shoe becomes the torture tool of both feet. It not only increases the probability of flat wrestling, but also harms the ankle, knee and lumbar spine.

So long term wear old high-heeled shoes, what intuitive performance?

Take a look at this pair of Jian, who has experienced many vicissitudes

The owner of the foot is the famous actress Michelle Yeoh.

She was photographed in flip flops with her toe badly deformed and her thumb pressing against her second finger. Let people just look at, for her pain! Hiss~

This foot shape is called crutch, commonly known as thumb valgus. The big toe is subluxated outwards and the first phalanx is shifted inward. Due to weight, heredity, posture (pelvic tilt), genu valgus, persistent spasm of adductor thumb muscle, and ankle pronation can cause thumb valgus.

One third of these feet are made of high-heeled shoes.

Take Victoria, his wife, for example. She is one of the worlds most obsessed with high-heeled shoes. She often appears in ultra-high-heeled shoes that violate human mechanics. Her shoes are known as killer high-heeled shoes by the media.

It was because she had been wearing high-heeled shoes for a long time that Victorias thumb turned out successfully and had surgery for it.

This makes Victoria outside have to give up hate Tiangao for a while, everyday Xiao Ping follows up!

In fact, high-heeled shoes not only affect womens health, but also affect mens sexual life.

After years of follow-up investigation, it has been found that the muscles of legs, perineum and lower abdomen of women who wear high-heeled shoes for a long time are always in a tense state, which directly affects the blood circulation of pelvic cavity and makes the normal physiological function of pelvic sex organs be adversely affected. In order to reduce the sexual desire of women to a certain extent. In other words, cold sex is also related to wearing high-heeled shoes!

So, boys, next time your girlfriend asks you to buy high-heeled shoes, do you know what to do?

Of course, anyone has the right to pursue beauty and wear high-heeled shoes without affecting their health!

Look up!

Keep your chest up!

Come on!

However, the current fashion of high-heeled shoes, Xiaobian still cant understand

These are the most expensive high heels Ive ever seen!

With all due respect, this is not called high-heeled shoes, but stilts

This is for people???

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